5 things to know about Taopatch PRO

Taopatch PRO

We want to talk to you about Taopatch PRO. This is our latest and premium version which we’ve launched this July through our Indiegogo campaign. 

Here are 5 things you need to know about Taopatch PRO:

1. It has more layers of nanocrystals

2. Addresses a wider range of concerns

The wide range of light waves emitted by Taopatch PRO is capable of penetrating deeper into the skin and finally into the cells. Different wavelengths can penetrate into our body in different depths so they are able to act on different tissues, systems, and subsystems. 

All different wavelengths of light can induce an immune response from our system. Amongst the wide range of light waves that the Taopatch PRO emits is the Blue light. This type of light is on the shorter end of wavelengths of light which means it is able to penetrate deeper into our skin reaching our cells, in particular, our T-cells which is a type of leukocyte, a vital part of our immune system. T-cells are the watchtower of our body that sends signals to our antibody-producing cells when it comes into contact with antigen and possible threats to the body. 

A study has shown that blue light stimulates the brain more than any other wavelengths of light. Blue light promotes focus and interconnectivity with quicker reaction times. Taopatch PRO can help promote alertness and focus as it is able to deliver the necessary light waves to communicate to our body that it is day time. 

Part of the unique spectrum emitted by Taopatch PRO has shown to improve the release of Nitric Oxide in our mitochondria, which translates into a higher and more stable level of ATP in our cells, more energy in our metabolic and cellular processes.

They also can seem to promote angiogenesis which plays an essential role in wound healing.