Patches For Balance & Posture Improvements

Posture has a big impact on our overall health. It can affect your full body from head to toe.

A poorly aligned body can strain muscles and joints which can put pressure on surrounding nerves. This can lead to many issues that can affect your balance which can also cause pain that can become chronic if not treated.

Our body contains many systems tasked to perform important roles in the body, one of these is the proprioceptive system, a sensory system of receptors contained within muscles and joints that greatly contributes to our sense of balance, coordination, and orientation. When muscles and joints are strained it can lead to feeling pain. Taopatch works on improving the proprioceptive system by rebalancing the system and improving your posture. Improved posture can lead to reduced pain by alleviating parts of the body that was subject to strain.

Since launching globally over a year ago, Taopatch has been able to help many people from all over the world that have different conditions. Most of our customers have concerns which root lies in issues affecting their proprioceptive system. Many with neurological conditions such as MS have problems with their balance and experience a lot of pain. A big chunk of our current customers have MS and have seen a lot of benefits from using Taopatch. We were invited to speak at the FUMS podcast that aims to educate people with MS on products that can help them manage their symptoms. FUMS invited us since they have been hearing amazing stories from their community on the benefits they were getting from the patches. Here are some of the Taopatch reviews from customers with MS.  

Improvements in posture and balance can also lead to better performance. This is why Taopatch is also widely used in the world of sports. A study was conducted to see how Taopatch used with an occlusal splint can help improve an athlete’s muscular performance, balance, and posture. The result? It “ immediately influenced strength and balance of the occlusal postural muscles.”

Taopatch is the perfect tool to achieve an overall well-balanced body. It can rebalance your whole system, improving the communication between the Central Nervous System and the receptors found all over the body. This leads to better posture, balance, and pain management. It is already being used by a lot of people with our without any conditions to improve their overall wellbeing.