It has been a year since we launched Taopatch globally!

We officially launched Taopatch into the global market last year, 2020 via an Indiegogo campaign. A wearable wellness device created by Fabio Fontana who believed that “Taopatch is the future of medicine. Its combination of acupuncture and light therapy brings the body back to its natural state of balance. It has the power to shift humanity into a permanent state of wellbeing.”

Taopatch contains nanotechnology called Quantum dots which are activated with the infrared energy (heat) emitted by the body. These quantum dots are able to convert this energy into therapeutic wavelengths which are sent back into the body at specific acupuncture points helping the Central Nervous System communicate better with the rest of the body. Here is a brief video on how Taopatch works.

This launch could not have come at a better time when many countries started to go into lockdown due to COVID. People were forced to stay indoors and life as we knew it had to change. Everyone was stuck at home with less sunlight and space to move around. With working from home being adopted by the majority of people, work and life balance which was already hard to achieve before the pandemic just became even harder to implement.

With the hospitals and doctors’ clinics becoming more and more busy and unsafe, people with physical, emotional, and mental imbalances turned to Taopatch to get relief. A revolutionary wearable nanotechnology device that combines light therapy with acupuncture providing a continuous flow of therapeutic wavelengths increasing one’s overall wellbeing at the comforts of their home.

During the lockdown, people realized the importance of good health. Now that things are slowly going back to normal, maintaining overall wellbeing starting with strengthening the immunity to improving one’s physical, mental and emotional health has become the focus for a lot of people. Taopatch can be used by everyone and has been reviewed by many. Athletes have given their Taopatch reviews on the improvements in their posture and chronic pain. People with chronic pain which caused their depression gave their reviews on Taopatch and how it was able to give them relief.