Light as the key of Life

Light is essential for our health and balance, exactly like food or water. The “Natural” Light that goes from the infrared to the ultraviolet spectrum contains radiation that our body uses for therapeutic purposes. For example, some frequencies of light, when they touch the skin, promote and stimulate a better circulation of our blood. Light stimulates the production of vitamin D, it allows relaxation of certain tissues.

The circadian rhythms, which manage the biological equilibrium of our body, is based on the exposure or lack of light. The C Rhythms regulate the sleep/wake cycle, and promote the expression or suppression of many important hormones in our body. Serotonin for example cannot be converted in Melatonin if there is light. Science has also recently discovered that our whole body presents photoreceptors, tiny antennas that respond only to specific frequencies. There are some proteins that are photosensitive and that can be activated only at certain frequencies. Certain areas of the brain can be activated only with specific frequencies of light. Certain frequencies regulate the microcirculation of the blood flow (laser therapy). Nevertheless, the majority of people live indoors most of their time, and very often the average family sees the Sunlight only during the weekend, if they are lucky.

Our body naturally emits light in the infrared spectrum. This can easily be measured and observed through thermal cameras. Also our cells communicate with each other through light. This profound communication through biophotons has been discovered by Dr. Albert Fritz pop in the 70s.

Taopatch is able to integrate frequencies of therapeutic light that helps our body to restore essential photosensitive functions; It does it by promoting specific light-activated metabolic pathways that we are supposed to constantly express.

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