Aaron 's Taopatch Customer Interview: Injury to Improved Mobility

Taopatch is widely used in the sports industry and there are many elite athletes that use the patches to help with their performance and recovery without the use of any chemical substances.

Amongst our customers is Aaron, a  Guinness World Record holder in the reverse running mile, who grew up with the dreams of the Olympics. He trained extremely hard to achieve that which lead to a series of injuries. He developed arthritis in his knee and was warned by his doctor that if he continued to train, he is looking at a possible knee replacement. He started running backward and started breaking records.

With Taopatch, he immediately felt pain relief which allowed him to do more than he could in training. His range of motion improved and what used to be painful and hard movements were made possible again. He is now getting back to doing things he thought he would never be able to do again. Aaron also felt improvements in his focus and better sleep.

Watch the full interview here as we check back with him to see how he was doing with the patches.



Questions #1: What Brought Your Attention To Taopatch?


My story is kind of crazy, because I was a champion mile runner and you know, had dreams of the Olympics. And you know, certainly, probably not going to make the Olympics. I mean ran low for around 404 but I had knee surgery, had a bunch of different, you know, just blown hamstrings and I trained hard and.

And then I, you know as a kid I was when I was training about this treadmill and I, I found out it didn't go fast enough so I ran backwards on it. So after all these years of injuries and this doctor, like I was 24 years old and this doctor said, “You're going to have a knee replacement in a couple of years, if you keep on running.”

You know, so I kept on running but I got to the point where I couldn't even walk and I started running backwards again and found out, dang, I can break some world records. Oh, there's world championships, so I broke some world records. Quite a few and done several world championships and it's kind of been this crazy story in America and I'm like. I just want to coach and teach and be able to train, you know, and spend more time coaching and.

But the Taopatch has been amazing. Actually, this last spring, when I bought it, I started. I usually warm up because I actually coach sprinters. I don't even coach distance runners. And I started doing like I'd been doing all the warm ups and it was always so painful. I was like, oh my gosh, like I’m running like I could maybe run forward again. It's like instant, like the day I put it on so.

Questions #2: What Were The Changes That You’ve Noticed After Using Taopatch?


I just got the starter, and I was, you know, really amazed by it. I'm actually wearing it right now, I have not taken it off.

There was one day, you know, with all this coaching and training that I'm doing. And having a lot of past injuries. There's one day we had this track meet. I'm always up early working out. I didn't put them on. I took them off after it worked out.

And I could just tell like something like went out of my whole body like almost shut down and I did, and I don't know if it was a mental thing but put them right back on and I was great. I'll tell you, you know with all these injuries, I'm getting back into, you know my story's a little bit kind of crazy, but I’m getting back into the things that I thought I'd never do.

I'm pretty much in pain all the time, just because I trained hard. I'm having 9 to 10 practices, just constant achy. I'm just pushing it like I want to coach, I want to train. I just noticed a relief, like and the focus, too. It just seemed like I don't know. It was weird.

It’s like almost instant. I put it on. I was like, I felt so good that day, and all of a sudden, the knee I had surgery on I'm stretching it out and I'm getting these ranges of motion that I haven't had for years. Like you know that general, if you just stretch your quad you can bring your heel to your butt. Well, I can't do it on my other side and that day I was like, my heel was touching my butt.

It's like you think, you know that catcher stance, you know it's a simple thing kids can do, it's like I haven't been able to do that for a decade.

That pain relief, I had a really good. I was just warming up with sprinters or something like. Man, I'm running no pain, this is so nice I just kind of accepted the fact that I guess I'm just going to be in pain. If this is what I want to do, and I do want to do it, but it's like it doesn't have to be that way so that was the first thing I noticed and then just general sleep, no achiness. Now, I do a whole lot of biohacking and I sleep on a grounding mat. I have a really nice mattress. You know, I have you know oxygen aiders. I, you know, anything I can do just to keep things.

I go to heaven someday. It's like they'll tote me up all wrapped up in barbed wire and duct tape and it’s like this guy made it. I mean he shouldn't have made it this long, but that was the thing I noticed initially. It was just that pain relief like I can do what I love to do and that's what life's about quality.

Questions #3: What Do You Think of Taopatch?


Even some of the studies I've read, you know, it's like you have somebody with these neurological disorders and you know, your body's like 90% electrical 10% chemical. So if you're just touching base on chemical imbalances with medication, you're only dealing with 10% of the body.

You know, I even think about, you know, these soldiers that come back. And they're so neurologically messed up, they don't need to be on medication, they need chiro. My older brother and his wife are chiropractors, doctors of chiropractic. So you know, that works on the electrical that you know the spine and that's so important.

You know, you have all these issues with PTSD and depression. And they haven't slept in six months, what they need is a neurological reset. They need, they need to work on, I mean, I would think that there's a bunch of benefits with Taopatch with, you know, just other things. Like you know, depression and PTSD, a lot of that just stems to neurological disorders.

Part of it is just getting your body back. It's not like you need to do anything special, just allow the body to do it, it does, but we're so inundated with stress and anxiety and just the chemicals that we eat and we're exposed to. We can just get back to a harmonious state of like just existing the way we were supposed to. It would, you know, benefit your life in a quality standpoint. That's what it's all about. Not how long you live, but how good the LIFE is that you do live.

Questions #4: Would You Recommend Taopatch to Others?


I’m going to be recommending that they, because my brother, twin brother is into big biohacking, too. I'm going to be recommending to him, my parents as well. Friends, kids. Hey, I'm around so many kids that if they want to try it out get a performance boost, just the pain relief and just all the benefits, I mean I can attest to it and I love to be able, when I go out and do a record attempt if there was some way I had some jersey that has Taopatch on it, and I would like to be able to, you know, give you guys shout outs and say, because it's already made a huge difference for me.

If I I had some sort of jersey, or something like that or even right afterwards put a T-shirt on I mean.

In some of these attempts and say, well, what is this, why is he wearing Taopatch what is that. That sounds interesting, and say hey, you know, I want to you know huge shout out to the people that are a part of this team.