Adrian's Journey With Taopatch & MS Foot Drop Relief

One of our pioneer customers, Adrian, purchased his patches a little over a year ago in May of 2020. Adrian’s progress is one of the most well documented improvements we have seen as he continues to keep track, take videos and share his anecdotes with our team to this day.

Diagnosed when he was 21, Adrian's balance dramatically improved with Taopatch and he has increasingly felt steadier and more secure in his walking. He has regained his confidence in his movements. With the patches, he has become more aware of his body as he noticed how certain things such as water intake and rest can have an impact on his results.

Adrian continues to impart his knowledge and experience to our Multiple Sclerosis community. As a person driven by passion, he devotes countless hours to help ease some of our customers’ concerns and ensure the quality of service they receive. Having pursued all the best of his career. Now, he chooses to help and inspire not only our MS community but also the Taopatch team.

Watch his Taopatch Journey. From the day he received his first order to his amazing progress a month after.



Questions #1: What Caught Your Attention To Use Taopatch?

Okay, well I've had the MS for well since I was 21 or I should clarify. I was diagnosed at 21. I probably had MS since 17 or 16.

My girlfriend was on Facebook and in, we're talking May of 99. No, May of 2000. May of 2000. And because she had searched previously for MS, and to learn about MS it came up on her Facebook with the advert for Taopatch.

She sent it to me. And she said, “What do you think of this?’ And I'm in a very fortunate position that I'm prepared to spend on things if it comes with a guarantee. I'm prepared to spend on things and argue about it later to get my money back.

So I was able to pay out for it. And I started the first week in June, June 2020.

So yes, I went ahead with it and put it on.


Within less than 15 minutes, there was a marked improvement. And I've got Before video and After 15 minute video. And the biggest difference at that stage was that my balance is totally shots about no balance at all. And to me, that was the biggest, the hardest difficulty with MS.

So instantly, almost instantly within a few minutes, I noticed that my balance had just corrected itself. It was like it was like, it's like a switch.

And it just works. And I got up and I walked up and down the room. And in fact, I bent, bent down and picked up some rubbish off the floor and put it in the bin.


Well, to me it was like, it was, it was, it was remarkable and, and to me that sold it to me. If it gives me that back, that's all I need.

Questions #2: What Were The Changes You Experienced After Using Taopatch?

If that's all it does for me, solves my balance problems, that was enough for me. I didn't expect, I didn't need, I didn't desire, I didn't whatever anything else.

Yeah. Eight months in, and it, its, it has given me so many additional benefits, so many. Everyday, I'm waking up with new things.

Bladder control and bowel control was totally incontinent. At three months, totally continent.

Spasms in the legs, particularly at night, you often referred to as restless leg syndrome caused by the MS. It's that, that dramatically, dramatically. Basically stopped. It stops.

Pain control and I never really appreciated how much better I was with pain control.


My pain has been. Well, I've had, I've had the full range of treatments including acupuncture and, and sense machines and, and all different things.

Six months. I sat down, I did my, yeah, you have a regular thing twice a year, when you go through your prescription to see what the doctor can get rid of.


And I went through my prescription list and I realized that I just haven't used any of painkillers.


It’s like, it was remarkable.

And in six months, I used two tablets.


So I suddenly realized, wow. I've missed that. It's been just, you don't miss things when they're not there.


You miss things when, when they disappear or whatever.

Questions #3: Are The Videos Significant In Your Taopatch Experience?


So yeah, the video is vital. You've got, you've got to do it and it's for your own benefit. It’s for the users benefit not for Taopatch’s benefit. And if you're not doing it, you won't know where your benefits are.


Questions #5: How Would You Describe Taopatch?

How does Taopatch work? I liken it to an amplifier.


It's an amplifier, like when you go into a karaoke bar and you sing in the amplifier and what, what comes out is an amplified version of your voice.

So if it's not good. It's your voice that is not good, but it works. It doesn't require anything else to work. That's all it is. That's all that Taopatch is. Taopatch is effectively an amplifier with very specific frequencies that are good for the body.

[Adrian’s Before Taopatch Video]

This is my standing standard walking gait. A bit unsteady. Very much foot drop on my left-hand foot.

[Adrian’s Day 2 Of Using Taopatch Video]

I’m remarkably steady. My foot drop is still an issue, but I’m not falling all over the place. I’m not falling into the side of the room.

[Adrian’s Day 5 Of Using Taopatch Video]

Okay, so were what. We’re 5 days in now. Uhm, started them on Thursday last week.
Walking is, is really good. My balance is excellent. No problem with balance at all.

I’m using an extra patch underneath the acupuncture point at the ball of my foot, about there anyway. It’s about 75% cured my left foot drop. I don’t really know what else to say. It’s all good news. I don’t have any bad news about it at all.

[Adrian’s 9 Days Of 24 Hour Use Video]

Right. Uhm, 11 days in now and I’ve been using the patches 24 hours a day for 9 days.

As you can see, very, very balanced. Foot drop has more or less disappeared. One thing I’ve noticed about the patches is that if I am slightly tired, fatigue. If I haven’t had enough sleep at night, then the following day the patches are not as good for me. It seems to magnify the effects of tiredness.

The other thing to say is that you need to make sure that you drink enough. I haven’t got a problem with detoxing so, not particularly a problem. But yeah, it’s absolutely incredible for me anyway. I’m certainly standing straighter.
The other thing is I found that I can stand the idea of folding and being able to stand for more than about 15 seconds. Now, I can certainly do 5 mins or so without any problems at all.

[Adrian’s 1 Month of Taopatch Video]

Okay, so we’re a month now. My walking is confident, agile. Very little sign of foot drop on my left-hand side, left-hand foot and I wear the patches underneath my foot. But a, there we go. It’s all working. There’s no down sides. I’m feeling good. I’m resting well. And I’m happy.