Emma's Taopatch Journey: MS & Hypermobility Syndrome Relief

We are fortunate to be able to help many customers with their symptoms and Emma is one of them. She has been diagnosed with MS and Hypermobility Syndrome, both conditions that greatly affected her balance and ability to move. She started using Taopatch back in August 2020 and have not looked back since.

Over the course of almost a year, Emma has seen so many improvements. Her hands used to tremble uncontrollably making small movements such us eating withough hitting her face or knocking her own teeth unavoidable. The tremors on her hands slowly subsided allowing her to be able to eat comfortably and even start putting make up on.

Apart from all the improvements she is experiencing with the symptoms caused by her conditions, she has also seen a drammatic improvement in her recovery from her back injury which has gone down to 6 months compared to the 18 months it took to recover from the first time it happened. She attributes this to Taopatch since she has not done anything differently from her first back injury to the second apart from wearing the patches.

All the physical help she is getting by using Taopatch has also contributed to her mental health as she gradually felt better about herself from regaining some level of normalcy in her life.

Watch the full interview below as we checked back on her to catch up on her journey with Taopatch.



Questions #1: What Brought You To Taopatch?

It was last August. It was August 2021. Oh no, 2020.

Because I was in the middle of an 18 month back injury and I was in so much pain.
It like, it stopped me from doing any more pilates, any more jobs.

It was having to wear a corset to keep me straight. Actually, that’s what sped me on to like go for it.

Questions #2: What Benefits Did You Notice?

Initially [Inaudible]

Because I got to the point where, like you don’t realize how much you're relying on your hands.
And it was like, I was trembling so badly that I couldn’t even eat my food without hitting myself in the face or knocking out my teeth.

So just being able to like eat comfortably was a massive thing.

My speech, as well. As the day wears on, I get like really tired and I really slur. My speech visually has become so much better. The difference with and without the patches is really noticeable and I recently got the Pro patches from Adrian last week. And they like, steadied me more. It’s like it’s working down my whole system. So it’s the nerves and the shaking. It’s really helped my fatigue. And I feel stronger when I stand up.

The last 2 days, I stood up and come down stairs. It’s been really shaky, but I stood on my feet and I have not done that in forever, in years. Normally, I come down on my, on my bottom. You know, when you slide down so that’s like amazing.

Before I got the patches last year, I could not stand and wash myself whereas now I can stand at the sink now and wash myself. And when I do raises on to my knees, I could do it for longer, you know when you're kneeling up. So it might seem really small, but it’s a big difference for me. I feel myself getting stronger day by day.

I was in a lot of pain but gradually it improved to the point where now, I'm pain free or it’s manageable. It’s no more than like it [inaudible]. Like, if you have got something of arthritis or [inaudible]. I fell again and damaged my back again and I was so scared that I was going to suffer another 18 month injury. And it recovered in about 6 months. So there was nothing different in like how I managed it other than having Taopatches. So 18 months and 6 months is a big difference.

So I do also have hypermobility syndrome which is like a painful condition. And I don't get aches and pain, but maybe a day or two round my period and notice my joints ache a bit. But it was nothing like it was. And the reasons it got crowdfunded for an alinker with mobility device.

And again, without Taopatch I would not have had the strength like to get up and work. I’m still building up. But without the stability, I can’t sit and hold myself up straight because normally I slomp. So yeah, it’s like you can’t explain it. It just happened. And before we even know it’s happened like you don't notice it happening. It is when you take your patches off and feel the difference.

I feel like, it’s almost like I can feel the nervous energy just surging around my body. It’s like the patches calm all systems down. It’s so weird, but I can feel it. And it’s like, I’m nervous, I get over excited. Like, everything gets worse. So I can feel the MS getting rampant.

Questions #3: What Difference Have People Noticed About You Since Using Taopatch?

And on my own Facebook page I posted to my friend, “Wow, I’ve got these amazing things.” And they even saw the difference immediately. That was what the other people say.

I’ve been complaining for ages about my speech and it’s getting worse and worse. And again, I know as the day goes. It’s when I get fatigue, it gets worse. And then when I got Taopatch, I couldn’t believe.

I was just like, “Wow.” I couldn’t believe the difference. Even my face muscles, my mouth, you could see it working better. Whereas before, I had this stroke on one side of my mouth. It still doesnt work as well as it did but it works better.

Questions #4: How Would You Describe Taopatch?

I’m a massive believer. You know, the 9th day. You’re nervous if you see any progress or not. Like, there’s literally nothing to lose going for it.

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of how it’s going to work, what is gonna happen. You just need to trust it’s gonna happen. And I don’t really know the ins and outs of how Taopatch works. I just know it works. I think people expect Taopatch to be like it’s gonna cure everything. Unfortunately, the MS has been there for a while. It has done it’s damage. It will help you overcome it for a while but you need to put in the hard work and you need to be committed.

To come put it into words, it’s a game changer. You need to try it for yourself. You need to feel the difference. It’s not just seeing it. It is feeling it. The Taopatch has taught me a lot about how the MS reacts and how I need to react to keep it under control. And I don’t think I’d have the body awareness without the patch.