Ina's Taopatch Journey: Transforming Life After Polio

Ina had polio when she was 18 months old. She was given a brace and her leg was placed in a cask when it dropped. Her father read about a nurse from Australia who treated a polio outbreak and begged her to see Ina. She immediately removed the cast on Ina’s leg and started treating it. However, the damage was already done and it left Ina’s leg 3 inches shorter and her foot smaller.

In the 80’s the late effects of polio hit her with fatigue and muscle weakness in her 40’s. She tried to search for anything that could help as her symptoms progressed which heavily affected her walking. 2 years ago she broke her femur and was told by the doctor to not expect to be able to walk again as her compromised leg got worse.

According to Ina Polio survivors are a dying population so there is not a lot of research being done. They have to use their own resourcefulness in finding treatments that can possibly help them too. A lot of the symptoms of the post-polio syndrome are very similar to those of MS. She worked hard in therapy to keep mobile until she saw Taopatch which she thought might change the trajectory of her healing since a lot of people with MS were seeing results.

She followed everything that was in the directions on how to use the patches and soon enough her balance and core were better. Taopatch helped her walk completely unaided all around her apartment which was a guaranteed no by the surgeon and the physical therapist. The patches also helped her maintain her energy level and positive mentality.

Watch her talk about her whole Taopatch Journey and how the patches were able to help her.



One of the reasons that it resonated with me is as a polio survivor. There is no research being done, and no help for polio survivors, because we are a dying population.

I am 78. I, I have lost friends, older, naturally younger, but, uhm, there's nothing being done for us. It's always about, “I'll give you a different brace.” Well, that's not good enough, that's not good enough.

You know, and so I have always known that technology would be the way I mean I,ve always, I've always known that.

Then I saw the Taopatch.

And I thought well this might be something that will change the trajectory of my healing.

And I had a friend take a video of me trying to walk in my kitchen and I have that which I'll send you as soon as I have the second one.

And I, I did exactly what everybody said. I overhydrated. I did my four hours, my six hours. I mean, I was, I’m a highly compliant patient when I believe in what i'm doing.

And all of a sudden my walking was even, my balance was better, my core was better. I was working on that in the pool. But there was a definite visceral, physical, psychic, spiritual change in how my body was responding to the directions I was giving it.

And I am just sort of blown away by the difference in, in how my life is. I now can walk completely unaided all around my apartment, which was a guaranteed no by the surgeon, and the physical therapists.

A guaranteed no. And I, I do it every day, every day.

Questions #1: What Did Your Doctor Say When He Saw You?

The relationship that I have with this doctor is, is, it's really, it's friendly and it's personal. I don't see him as a patient anymore. And so when he saw me for the first time, he came to visit me when I was an inpatient, he just stopped by my room. So I haven't seen him in a while but he kept looking at me and he said, “You know, you're so well. You're so healthy. You're so well. And he said, “How's your pain?” I said, I said, “I have no pain.”

 And I got up and I walked for him in the cafeteria at the hospital and he just kept looking and I said, “I'm going to tell you what I think is part of this and then I'm going to ask you to look it up and talk about it, because you know I'm a believer in, uhm, anything that's going to help me stay upright and mobile.”

And so I gave him the website information, as I did with my physical therapist, who couldn't believe the strength in my leg when he tested me on Monday. He just couldn't believe it. He said I have to go back and do that again, because this is unbelievable. I went, “I know.”

So I can only lead them to it, you know, and they know that I'm telling them the truth, because it's my truth.

Somebody asked me today, uhm, what did I think my superpower was.

And I am convinced, my superpower is that I am fearless. I am never reckless, but I am always fearless.