Barbara's Taopatch Journey: MS Mobility Improvements & Brain Fog Relief

Barbara is one of our early customers when we launched Taopatch in the US. She has now been using the patches for over a year and she could not be happier that she took a chance on purchasing them.

Barbara has MS which gradually affected her physically. She used to be very active but MS affected her balance and her legs that changed her routine and level of activity. This consequently affected her mental health in some ways.

She purchased Taopatch last year and within minutes of having the patches on the Rebalancing points, she was able to see an immediate improvement in her balance which was so visible in her walk.

We touched base with her after a year of wearing her patches to see how Taopatch was able to help her. Marco, one of our founders got on a Zoom call with her.

She was not only able to go back to doing the things she used to love before MS affected her balance heavily but her mental health significantly improved also. Her stress levels went down and she felt happier. Her confidence came back and she no longer fears being around people and hurting them.

Watch the video of the interview as Barbara talks about her experience with Taopatch and how the patches were able to help her get her life back.

Questions #1: What Caught Your Attention To Use Taopatch?

Taopatch USA (Marco):
When you saw the product, when you first saw the ads.

Like what happened? Like what moved to you, what brought you, um, buy it?

Well, I saw the videos of the people walking

I thought, okay.

It's intriguing. I want to find out more. So I read more about it, research, and I'm like, oh, this can help in many ways, and not just, not just people with MS. It’ll help a whole, you know, a whole array of people and then I

You know, as I went through and research and just saw the benefits. And then the kicker of it all was the fact that it was 100% money back guarantee. I'm like, Okay, this is a no brainer.

That's where I can kick myself because, you know, I'm like, I took baby steps and I got one package and like

Should I got more than one package.

Questions #2: What Are The Immediate Changes That You Experienced Right After Using Taopatch?

I remember a night time before I go to bed and I just lift my leg. Because I could


I was just so excited. It wasn't such a struggle. You know, my leg would feel like a boat anchor and you're trying to move and get it.

From here to there. It was such a struggle and it just really relieved all that and it, you know, it's still in beginning wasn't super easy, but it was much easier than, uh, before I put the matches on.

I actually was at the point

To get up to my bedroom, I was crawling up the stairs and pulling on the handrail. Each step, one arm and pull, and now, I can walk up and I you know I challenged myself. Okay we're going faster than yesterday. We're gonna make it up this.

It's the confidence, it's just, I know I'm not going to go sailing down my staircase.It's just as confidence that you just instill back in me that I know I can do this again. And I, I will be able to live my life and not sit there watching time go by.

Taopatch USA (Marco):
Right, right. Because now, Barbara. You have been wearing it for how long. It's probably nine months or so.

Yeah, April 1st was my first of all days. Put This On April 1. Who's gonna believe you on that one but.

Taopatch USA (Marco):
April 1st. That's a crazy day


First, so it is, yeah, it's been, it's been nine months. Nine solid months.

Questions #3: What Are The Gradual Improvements That You Noticed After Using Taopatch For 9 Months?

I, uhm, I've noticed just, excuse me, my energy and my, my thought process even remembering because with MS, that is, you know, the brain fog.

And you try to recall words, you're just like, you know what, you can describe it, you can give the definition, but you just can't recall that word back and that has gotten better. Remembering the tasks. Remembering why I went into the room in the first place.

That's not just old age.

And that has been very helpful.

It just, I feel more like I want to get up, I want to do things. I'm like, I'm getting off the couch. That was difficult before. I don't have that problem, like I did. Even sitting down. I don't bump.

Because I don't have that control. I'm just, there's, there's so much. The more I think about it, the more they'll come back.

Taopatch USA (Marco):
Right, right. How, how, how has that changed. Like because, that's not just posture movement. It's also focus and clarity. Right?

Right. Exactly. And that's, that's exactly it. It's the focus and the clarity that I, I just, I have more confidence in. I mean just there's so much that just builds on, you know, in every angle. Every aspect. I'm like, Oh, I can do this now. I see I'm much better at this now.

The control the pen, the tingling. I can't even tell you.

Holding the spoon above the pan. Even holding the pan.

All of that everyone takes for granted.

But when you don't have it. You miss it a lot. Now I don't have those, those issues. I mean that there's a lot of movements that, uh, have come back and it's huge.

It's, it's getting my life back like I used to be, you know.

Questions #4: How Would You Describe Taopatch?

One, I just tell them, Oh, I love it.

Taopatch USA (Marco):

That’s my Taopatch. It’s full of nanocrystal, you know, different layers of nanocrystals that help my body work together through light and

I am able to move better than I had before.

And it's all natural, and that's

To me, that's huge, because I am. I've been doing my whole life. I would much rather go the natural route and find something that is not chemicals.

That was, that was a huge selling point. One other thing is when somebody asked me about it. I'll immediately say, oh, you ought to want to try it.

I have no problem taking it off and then here, try it.

Questions #5: What Did People Say After Noticing Your Improvement?


My sister who actually lives in Iowa.

She knows her. And so she hasn't seen every day. So she's a good one to judge off of and I had seen her this year. So she's like definitely you are

She noticed, not my, my, you know, personality. I was happier. She noticed, you know, I wasn't struggling getting around as much, um, you know the walk was definitely better so she could tell a lot.

It’s exciting. It's fun when they ask because.

They can see, I know that they can see there's a difference. Because if it didn't do anything, they wouldn't ask.

This is such an amazing product that I want. I wanted to just explode and blow up and, and you guys reap the rewards from it because it is so much.

I mean, it's, it again, It gives me too much to even put into words you know. It's, it's, it's, it's an amazing product.

Taopatch USA (Marco):

Thank you. Thank you so much, Barbara.