Cassandra's Taopatch Journey: Easing MS and Chronic Pain

Cassandra was diagnosed with MS in 2009 and also has a degenerative disc which greatly affects her balance and walking. When she came across Taopatch last year, she was immediately interested since she had already been going to acupuncture sessions and was reading about light therapy. She did not hesitate to try our product and now has several patches to help herself manage her symptoms caused by MS, balance issues caused by her degenerative disc, and pain from her arthritis.

When she got the patches, she felt more steady and was able to walk more of a straight line and faster after wearing the patches for 4 hours. She soon became build up her confidence in moving the patches around and experimented with different acupuncture points. Placing patches on areas were she had severe pain such as her knees due to arthritis instantaneously got rid of the pain. Now that she has been wearing them for a year, she could not be without them.

Taopatch has not only helped her physically but also mentally. Not being weighed down by her symptoms has given her the drive to get up in the morning and do something.

Watch this interview as we checked back on Cassandra to talk about her whole Taopatch Journey and how the patches were able to help her.

What Brought you to Taopatch?

Cassandra: I was diagnosed with MS in 2009 and I grew up in a very holistic atmosphere. My mother was very into vitamins.

Cassandra: So much so that she would have a dixie cup full of vitamins for each one of us with our names on it.

Cassandra: The Taopatch really spoke to me because I’ve been hearing a lot about red light therapy and.

Cassandra: The acupuncture in conjunction with that.

Cassandra: I go to acupuncture.

Cassandra: Not lately, because I fractured my back so been kind of laid up at home, but um.

Cassandra: But yeah I used to go to acupuncture all the time and it helped me tremendously, as well as chiropractic I would also have that done I just if there's something new out there I'm going to try it. That's what brought me Taopatch. I’ve been seeing it on Facebook ads.

Cassandra: Before I decided to actually look into it and then, when I did, and I read the science behind it, I was very impressed.

When did you start using Taopatch

Cassandra: Okay, it was a… it was actually delivered to me in April.

Cassandra: Of 2019.

Taopatch USA (Marco): I think it was 20 yeah.

Cassandra: was it yeah yeah cuz I haven't had it for two years yeah.

Taopatch USA: Right Yeah so it's… it's a good it's almost a year now it's like a good. 9, 10 months.

Cassandra: Yeah

What are the immediate changes you’ve experienced after using Taopatch?

Cassandra: hmm steady steady and I was able to walk more of a straight line, instead of weaving I was able to walk more of a straight line and faster.

Cassandra: I found different patches now I have 10 of them.

Cassandra: 10 patches which includes three pro patches which I use on the key points the… um..The C7, the sternum and my lower back.

Cassandra: Because that's what I hurt and then those So those are for the pro and then the other ones I use for my knees.

Cassandra: there's acupuncture points on both of your knees, called the eyes of the knees so that's in total two on each knee. So and it's just they've they've helped tremendously. tremendously so.

Cassandra: I know when I don't have them on.

Taopatch USA (Marco): Oh Okay, what do you notice when you don't have them on.

Cassandra: I can't pick up my legs my feet I can't pick it up there, I stumble a lot I fall and that's probably how I fractured my back because I fell, but that was during in between.

Cassandra: Putting them on taking them off and putting them back on.

Cassandra: I tripped over one of my cat’s toys and because I couldn't step over it.

How did Taopatch helped you in terms of pain management?

Cassandra: In my back I don't have a disc it's bone on bone so that's very painful.

Cassandra: And it helps with that, but I have to have several patches on my back in that area in order for it to be a tremendous. I’m just used to the pain in my back.

Cassandra: So when it gets really bad I do put an extra patch on there, but where I’ve really noticed, it is my knees because I have very bad arthritis in both my knees So when I wear the eyes of the knees on both knees it's almost instantaneous that my knees don't ache anymore.

Do you feel a development in your body structure after wearing Taopatch?

Cassandra: I do, but probably not in the way that you're thinking um I find that I have to switch it up and move them because I find that.

Cassandra: Especially in my knees that it's almost like it gets used to it, and then it starts hurting somewhere else, and I have to move the patches to somewhere else to deal with that problem, so I don't keep them.

Cassandra: I would say that that the eyes of the knees, are the, are the most, and of course the sternum in the C7 in the lower back those are the most consistent places that I have them even the drop foot, I will do different places, with the drop foot, but that they're pretty consistent on the bottom of my foot.

But with the eyes of the knees, I do find that once that they're really not hurting anymore and I’m feeling I maybe it's wrong that I shouldn't move them if I’m not feeling pain, but I start feeling pain somewhere else, so I have to move them so.

Taopatch USA (Marco): You did a great job and you do exactly what you're supposed to do, because that's the that's what we teach even to our practitioners in Italy.

Taopatch USA (Marco): Because what happens is that the way we harmonize that part that spot our brains still needs to project that message somewhere else, so it tends to move that pain.

Taopatch USA (Marco): And that's when we went to move the Taopatch and slow what you will see, hopefully, maybe, of course, no promise or but, but I really, really have noticed this that usually you just keep following that pain until it goes to the root.

Taopatch USA (Marco): And then, once you dissolve that then the whole issue as a domino effect improves and get better.

Does Taopatch negate the effect of other ongoing therapies or treatments?

Taopatch USA (Marco): Nothing negates Taopatch nothing too much never in eight years, we have tried everything.

Taopatch USA (Marco): We have never seen tell patch contradicting on going against any other therapy any other so for that so If not, it works absolutely in synergy with a chiropractor allows our therapy.

Taopatch USA (Marco): Anything that you can so it really works in conjunction so for that do not worry, and the other thing that I.

Taopatch USA (Marco): use it, because it's the red light has been proven to really be very beneficial so keep using it keep practicing just to remind your Taopatch already contains a spectrum a spectrum of red light therapy so not just one but expect true in a very low dosage.

Taopatch USA (Marco): And we've done it on purpose so load Those are the reasons specific reason why we decided to have a very, very low doses, but but it already contains so many ways a place of read the therapy near infrared far infrared.

Taopatch USA (Marco): It also contains the good the good UV light in there and not the bad, but the good.

Taopatch USA (Marco): UV lights is incredible for the production of vitamin D, I mean I'm sure you don't do this but.

Taopatch USA (Marco): Taopatches freely and if, if used correctly, is really complete product, but my long story like my short answer is keep using the wand very, very good and don't worry it's it's not going to negate

How would you describe Taopatch?

Cassandra: It uses the acupuncture points to use the light in your own body to target the pains that you have. And relieve the pain that you have.

Why would you recommend Taopatch?

Cassandra: Now you and I just wear 10 them because I like placing them all over my body.

Cassandra: But it's just fun to place them in different places it's a I recommend tell patch because.

Cassandra: it's helped me so much that.

Cassandra: Honestly people can't believe that I’ve had MS for as long as I have, and then I’m still walking and that I’m not in a wheelchair.

Cassandra: And that I don't seem to suffer I it breaks my heart to read what people go through, and I honestly I’ll be on these these sites where they have.

Cassandra: blogs every week, you know and they did they they they explore a different area of MS symptoms and.

Cassandra: Most of the weeks I don't even follow it because I don't I have never had that experience which I’m very grateful for, and even my husband said it He asked me one time, how do I feel, and that was about a month ago, how are you feeling and I said.

Cassandra: And I knew what he meant he meant not physically, but how am I feeling mentally because I have MS and I said honestly honestly I feel lucky, and he goes really and I said yeah because I know.

Cassandra: I'm lucky, because it could have been so much worse, it could have been a death sentence because honestly with for when I was told that I have MS by my neurologist.

Cassandra: I heard Parkinson’s.

Cassandra: just automatically the worst went into my you know, and I heard Parkinson’s so I was actually the feeling that I got when I realized that it was MS and it's not a death sentence.

Cassandra: I I consider myself very lucky

Taopatch USA: Taopatch has helped you in this unfolding in this in your path, a new path of healing yourself, not just from MS but in general in life for.

Taopatch USA: The better and stay healthy and they are on the right track.

Cassandra: Right, I mean it gives me.

Cassandra: I because I’m not weighed down by symptoms, it gives me the the drive to get up in the morning and do something.

Cassandra: You know, whereas if you're constantly being weighed down with woe is me and I heard all the time and I’m in pain, because you don't have something that helps you.

Cassandra: You don't even want to get out of bed.

Cassandra: And this is what I found for the main.

Cassandra: The main thing about MS is to keep moving.

Cassandra: Because when you start moving that's when things start seizing up.