Diving into Taopatch World - Part 2

Taopatch is one of the most cutting edge Nanotechnologies, meaning miniaturization of the current technology. If you think about it, out there, large machines are used to promote light therapy sessions, but now, we have been able to produce Taopatch which is small, convenient to wear and easy to apply.
Taopatch helps and enables the body to regulate light through principles known and proven by the scientific community. And the benefits are fully validated of light therapy. Toapatch is also the combination of light therapy and acupuncture, an ancient science, having the highest number of reports and scientific data on proprioceptive systems.Present day, the majority of us work indoors, more than eight hours a day sometimes. We tend to be not as active, doing less physical activity, especially outdoors. There, in turn, is not enough light in our daily life. This leads to our proprioceptive system to become less efficient, so we need to improve our inner biological software, upgrade it, which in turn, will improve our posture, movement and balance. Taopatch improves the communication between our central nervous system and the sensor/receptors of the movement. This is easily measured through postural tests before and after applying and wearing the Taopatch. The stability platform for example is a tool that tells us how we distribute our weight on our feet. Thus, we now can see and measure postural disorders and defects. The more a person needs to readjust their posture through microfluctuation during the day, the more energy that person consumes as the proprioceptive system is called to give new information for the system to stay in balance. Through Taopatch we provide our brain and body with an upgraded proprioceptive system to return into a state of harmony, easy, efficiency, and vitality. We allow our body to remember its natural state of ease.

Which Taopatch is right for you?