Taopatch Customer Interview: "Maybe It is Really Working For Me"

Many of our customers who initially tried Taopatch with a healthy dose of skepticism have turned into real believers. We always tell everyone that the only way to know if the patches will work is to try (since we have a 90-day money-back guarantee).

Michael is one of those customers who initially was not totally convinced. But with an open-mind, he tried the patches and is thankful that he did.

Michael was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago. His symptoms have only surfaced about a year ago which included frequent falls and a foot drop on his left foot which affected his mobility and posture.

When Michael was introduced to Taopatch he was very skeptical but nevertheless gave it a go. After 2 months of wearing the patches, his symptoms have greatly improved. He is now able to get back to doing the things he used to enjoy before his symptoms.

Watch his full interview here to know how Taopatch was able to help him get his life back.




The biggest problem I have is that my left foot it drops, have to walk with a steak.

Fell over a lot, I still am very...I have a forceful personality, and so I don't give up, so I still play golf and I still try to do things. You know, until about a year and a half ago, I still try to walk my dog and all the rest of it but it's gradually got worse and worse and I’m falling over more on the golf course I’m not walking anywhere in the street without a walking stick some all that stuff is going on.

I am open-minded and I always hope, you know? But I am very skeptical so I know it’s nothing, I know it’s not gonna work so I put them on and this is not even two months ago, when I was visiting the UK. And off, I went to visit friends in Yorkshire and we went on a train ride to Carlisle on the heritage train and when we got out, we wanted to see the castle I said okay let's test these things let's see if they're doing and again I’m going to walk with because normally my wife would just park me in a CAFE or in a pub but it'd be an off day would go to she would go on her own sometimes to see something, come back and tell me about it because I couldn't walk with her, so I went with.

I pushed a little bit too hard, and I was really worn out the next day, but I really made it I drove myself to make it so then my mind started.Is it me, is it the Taopatch? Am I having mind games, is it really working is it you know and then my wife said she noticed my foot, the way I was walking my foot was dipping as much.

So okay yeah maybe these maybe it's not you know still skeptical skeptical.

So I’ll fast forward just a little bit I went this last week to Munich, for the first time and I walked for an hour with my wife in Munich. It is so emotional to do that again after a year I couldn't I couldn't do that that's huge I don't care if this is working on it's not.

I believed in it and it's helping me and here comes the bit between is a real, is it not real. I'm not a technical guy. I don't care, my wife doesn't care, my personal trainer doesn't care my mother doesn't care it's working who cares whether it's real or not real whether it's the Taopatch or my mind.

I put these on, they work when I have them off about a week after I got back from England and I was so I was only waiting for a week and a half, two weeks. I’m going upstairs and as I’m going upstairs and not put my foot on like I used to do all the time on two or three stairs and my wife said, are you having a bad morning? And I felt and I went, I don't have them on I was about to have a shower I took them off so that was sort of spooky for me because I didn't even know I didn't have them on but my old symptoms came back so there's a lot of freaky stuff going on, and so you can say it is the Taopatch or it isn't the Taopatch, I say it is the Taopatch.

I don't care whether it's real or not real, it works, and if it can give the sort of relief and getting, excuse me, to other people great.

Absolutely great!

Questions: What were the changes that you’ve noticed after using Taopatch?


That’s the first thing I noticed with that patch when I got back to Holland, the first night I went to bed, I walked up the stairs unassisted and I went “get out of here I don't do that I always have problems with the stairs that's not possible”, that was the first sort of moment of “hey maybe this is really working for me”.

No that's not possible.

And the next morning I come downstairs my walk down the stairs I go man that's the trick it's something in my mind. It's not real. it's real it's real somehow it's real I don't know how I don't care.

But my foot drop is gone, because my foot drop is gone I don't limp as much because I didn't limp as much my back does not hurt every morning when I get out of bed.

It doesn't take me an hour to get going, I swing my legs over to the side, I stand up I’m ready for the day like I was two to three years ago, like I haven't been for two or three years, Now I am.

So yeah I’m a convert I’m a fan andI wear them all the time

It's completely different and to go out and walk for an hour, to go back, have a rest and go out again in the evening, we to the bar, we drank the beers, Munich Oktoberfest and then, and then the next day to go out and walk again.

Big distance for me like four times what I was capable of doing two months ago with my wife is huge and the recovery time is less so, none of this was happening before Taopatch.

Even though maybe logically you say how can that possibly work I’m proving myself wrong, and I still doubt it, I still have my reservations, but you know, can you explain acupuncture to how it helps millions of people can you explain now lots of different alternative medicines that work for millions of people. You can't explain it to me, doctors can't explain, it scientists can’t explain that there's a huge placebo medication movement.

I still don't care, this is working, nothing else worked, you know I’ve tried other things, and nothing else has worked this works.

So what can I tell you?


I’m trying not to overanalyze I’m just trying to enjoy the moment enjoy every time I go oh that's nice that's you new or oh! I can do that again.

Just enjoy that and not overanalyze it, not overthink it, you know I’m not a technician or a scientist, and not studying this I’m using this my benefit and I need to enjoy it.

Strange arguments you have in your own head about things like this, especially when you suffer with a disease that can be very debilitating.

And so I think about it, and then I forced myself, not to think about it.

I’m so skeptical I probably don't want to believe it.

I want to be able to be one of these guys who can say “that's rubbish” but I can’t, I really can’t I actually watch myself walk and on my foot, both feel look the same.


Absolutely amazing.

But I still don't believe it.

I’m sure there's a lot of people like me out there who just go it can’t work, and I would say to them okay open your mind, give it a try. If it doesn't work send it back, but if it does, there you go so it’s a win-win.