How Taopatch Helps Biohackers Improve Focus and Immunity

Taopatch captures heat from your body and converts it into the light, which it emits into specific points on your body. These photons stimulate your Central Nervous System, and "remind" it how it was meant to communicate with the rest of your body. This improved communication has helped tens of thousands regain their balance and mobility.

Taopatch combines one of the oldest healing disciplines, acupuncture, with cutting edge science of nanotechnology and laser therapy.

We have sold over 350,000 Taopatches through a network of 2,200+ doctors.

Biohacking with Taopatch:

Improve Focus, Clarity, Efficiency, and Resilience + Immune System Booster

Taopatch re-educates, re-tunes, re-programs. It shifts your brain waves from delta towards gamma waves (best brain performance)

Immediate Boost In Focus and Clarity

Our brain is one of the most powerful transducers of information on the planet and according to its efficiency and health, it is able to give off different signals with different frequencies and regulate our hormonal activity. (EEC)

The more gamma waves (38-100 Hz) we emit the more centered, focused and vital we are (problem-solving). The more delta waves we produce the slower the brain is working, experiencing dis-ease.

Taopatch re-educates, re-tunes, re-programs our body and our signals from and to our brain. It produces a significant shift in brain activity from delta to gamma waves. It reminds our central nervous system to produce those brain waves that naturally induce focus, clarity, efficiency and resilience in our body.

350,000 Taopatches sold in 7+ years

See What Other Biohackers Have To Say

"I tried Taopatch as one of the multiple attempts to eliminate my chronic lower back pain...Finally, like magic, Taopatch has completely fixed my problem and now I feel stronger, more motivated, and ready for new challenges.”

Luciano Siringo
2017 World Champion in Inline Skating Master Category


"I take part in the triathlon, a discipline where the body is challenged continuously. The Taopatch devices help me regulate my posture during and after the training. I must say that the results are extremely satisfying."

​Leonardo Nocentini
Triathlete, Winner of the Ironman Italia 2017

“As soon as I wore the Taopatch devices, I immediately noticed more fluid movement and better spatial control of my body. The thing that astonished me the most was the disappearance of lots of pains that I thought were due to running an excessive number of kilometers, but in the end, they turned out to be caused by postural decompensation. "

​Alessandro Brancato
3 Times Italian Half Marathon Champion

“I follow different teams and athletes, and over the years I found Taopatch nanotechnology to be a great help in obtaining more efficient performance, refining incorrect athletic gestures and preventing possible accidents. This extraordinary technology allows me, as a professional, to considerably expand the solutions I offer and helps the athletes achieve new goals.”

​Dr. Francesco Lo Re,
Athletic Director of Domusbet Catania Beach Soccer, Kinesiologist, Osteopath


Several double blind studies conducted at major universities.

Read the Studies


We've sold 350,000 units over the last 7 years, and only 4 customers asked for money back.

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How To Use Taopatch For Biohacking

  • The standard biohacking protocol requires 1 pack. We will send you detailed instructions along with your order. The more advanced protocol requires 2 packs.
  • Taopatches work for 2.5 years, is waterproof and can be worn every day. They can be applied onto skin using our custom hypoallergenic adhesives, as well as any medical tape or bandaids.

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