Taopatch gave away 3 long-lasting boxes for free!Worth $750!
  1. Katelyn M. from the US
  2. Brenda T. from the UK
  3. Carol S. from New Zealand
Taopatch Start 3-pack

Taopatch is a wearable patch about the size of a nickel. It looks a bit like a band-aid (though usually worn under clothes). They’re simple to put on and water-resistant.

Taopatch uses low-level laser light therapy to improve the connection between your central nervous system and your spine and muscles, and improve the health of your body's neurons. It’s powered by your natural body heat, made possible with breakthroughs in nanotechnology.

It is currently the only technology that has been shown to not only slow down neurodegeneration, but also improve the condition of people with MS, Arthritis, and Parkinson’s.

Reduces Pain & SpasticityImproves Balance & MobilityWithout MedsScientifically proven with50 Clinical StudiesWaterproof & washableWorks for 2½ yearsNo batteries requiredEnvironmentally friendlyDon't miss out on our Black Friday sale!