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50 Clinical Studies (some unpublished).
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7+ Years Track Record.

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Taopatch is non-transdermal.

How Taopatch Works

For the last few years, medicine has been in a wearable patch revolution. Patches deliver a consistent amount of low-level treatment. This is an improvement over pills or injections that provide “spikes” that wear off. Wearable patches can also deliver low-level laser light therapy (like Taopatch) that would otherwise require thousands of dollars of equipment in a hospital.

Taopatch uses low-level laser light therapy to improve the connection between your central nervous system and your spine and muscles, and improve the health of your body's neurons.​ It’s powered by your natural body heat, made possible with breakthroughs in nanotechnology.

A Taopatch is a wearable patch about the size of a nickel. It looks a bit like a band-aid (though usually worn under clothes). They’re simple to put on and water-resistant.

Taopatch is currently the only technology that has been shown to not only slow down neurodegeneration, but also improve the condition of people with Parkinson's disease. (Patches for Parkinson’s)

Physician Reviews

“We studied 28 patients to whom we applied two Taopatch® devices. This study has shown that the use of a technology which improves movement, proprioception, and balance can be extremely useful for patients.”

- Dr. Alberto Lomeo, Vascular Surgeon

“The results we obtained [from the clinical test] were very comforting; we’ve seen an improvement in all of the parameters considered.”

- Dr. Giuseppe Messina

​“Thanks to this wonderful Taopatch technology, I can restore more propriocity, to give the body more efficient performance.”

- Dr. Francesco Lo Re, General Practitioner

“Taopatch has a clinically evident result in no time, does not have side effects and has a remarkable postural value and is also instrumentally visible on the stabilometric platform."

- Dr. Pietro Bressan, General Surgeon

“The ultra-low-level electromagnetic field generated by the Taopatch may provide an improvement to central modulation resulting in an improved muscle tone and, thus, an enhanced posture control.”

- Dr. Stefano Corna​, Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Patient Reviews

"We just received the Taopatch yesterday. I put it on Jeff for the 4 hours for his first try. Since he’s had stroke and been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he has a hard time sitting at the dinner table. He kind of has to be propped up at the table. Last night he came to the table and sat down on the edge of the chair with his back straight supporting himself. Usually, I have to position him in his chair and then push the chair in. But he sat right up to the table without any help. At first, I didn’t notice. I was putting food on the table. But as I was eating - and Jeff was quietly eating - I realized he had set himself down and quietly started eating. I was so excited I exclaimed “Jeff!! Do you see what you’re doing?!!” He didn’t realize what he’d done. I was so excited. It was like my one-year-olds that walked for the first time! So this Taopatch has promise."

- Kathy's Friend

"I have had Parkinson's Disease for 18 years, and as is its nature, it continues to be "a progressively degenerative disease", getting worse every year and affecting my life as a whole. So to me, reading about Taopatch presented the opportunity to stop the progression of PD. I SO wanted to quit falling and to walk normally once again... I have not been disappointed... I started using Taopatch 4 days ago, and was walking without stumbling in the first hour! Since then, I have continued to improve! I look forward to what my life will be like 6 - 12 months from now! 😁 Thank You, Taopatch USA!"

- Pam Harris

"So a I sent Kathy's report on Parkinson's to a friend who is 85, Parkinson's for 28 years, most likely caused by agent orange exposure. I told him about Taopatch. He's been having swallowing problems, so his wife put it on the spot under his jaw where he had a botox injection for the problem. And on C7 and sternum. He's been unable to eat right because of choking on food, so he's lost lots of weight, now 177 lb. That's a good weight for him, but if it keeps going that could be bad. Just heard the results of the first few days.

Day 1 he was more energetic, walking better with walker; this has continued.
Day 3 able to get dressed in the morning with no assistance. His speech was more clear, and he cleaned his dinner plate with no problem. First time he's been able to eat that much without choking in a long time.
I'll keep posting results as I get them. I'm really happy about this because because his outlook was looking bleak, and this is a huge turnaround."

- Sammy Jo W.

"With Taopatch, I am shocked to see how my legs move freely... I am so, so happy, from being unable to move freely to be independent again! Thank you so much. Without these objects, I can't even bend one leg. With Taopatch, everything is just easy." 

- Marinela M.

Relieve Your Parkinson's Symptoms with Taopatch

Taopatch is 100% guaranteed.
Try it for 90 days, RISK FREE.

There’s a chance that any medical treatment - from an aspirin to brain surgery - won’t improve a condition. Low-level laser light therapy with Taopatch is no exception, despite an overwhelming number of patients’ successes.

However, we can promise two things. First, since Taopatch is completely non-transdermal, there can be no unwanted or side effects. Second, if you don’t see any noticeable improvements within 90 days, you will get a full refund, completely hassle-free.