Rebalance Protocol


Tests to Measure Improvement

All the tests shown in the videos are our recommendations to help gauge your progress.

Feel free to make adjustments to the tests in the event they would not be possible or safe for you to try.

Rebalance Your System

Rebalance Your System

Number of Patches Required


Protocol Timeframe




1st Week


hours per day

2nd Week


hours per day

3rd Week


hours per day

4th Week


hours per day

The patches should not be worn 24 hours immediately.

Follow through with the recommended duration to allow the body to adjust.

Acupuncture Points
CV 15 / CV 16, C 7

Place the 1st patch in between
Conception Vessel 15 and Conception Vessel 16.

On the center of the tip of the sternum bone.
2 centimeters above the tip the sternum or where the ribcage begins.

Place the 2nd patch under the 7th Cervical Vertebrae.

The bone which sticks out the most when bending the head down.

Pyramid Protocol

Pyramid Protocol

Number of Patches Required


Protocol Timeframe



Everyday or Once a week

Acupuncture Points
GV 20

Place the 1st patch on Governor Vessel 20, also known as DU 20.

Central point of the line on your cranium. Imagine a line that connects the very tips of your ears.

Place the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th patch on the 4 corners of an imaginary square around the Governor Vessel 20.

The patches needs to be around 1 thumb length away from the central patch.

You can attach the patches on a surgical mask by using the adhesives to tape them on the mask.
Afterwards, apply the mask on your cranium by wearing the straps around your ears.
Alternatively, You can also place patches on a cap and wear the cap on your head to secure the patches.

Other than strengthening your neurological connections, the protocol for Multiple Sclerosis also helps you with focus, concentration and level of clarity.​


  1. Apply Taopatch right where you feel discomfort or pain on your muscular structure.​
  2. Apply Taopatch on one of the main proprioceptors:

2.1. Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

2.2. The external edge of your eyes

2.3. At the center of the sole of your foot

The images are borrowed from the mobile app “A Manual of Acupuncture.”
We highly recommend to anyone interested in exploring acupuncture further.



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