How to Improve Mental Health, Mood, Focus, and Concentration Without Medication

The new Taopatch EMOTION patch uses low-level laser light therapy frequencies that can significantly improve mental health and performance.

Based on the same proven system endorsed by over 1,800 doctors with 250,000 patches sold over 7 years. Watch the video below.

It's NOT "All in Your Head"

If you deal with excessive stress, anxiety or difficulty focusing or concentrating for long periods of time, you're not alone. Our brains are designed to fit an ancient lifestyle, hunting and gathering in tribes. They are not designed for today's complex world. It's an issue of brain chemistry, how we react to stimulus (which we get 1000x more of than our ancestors did), and how it affects our central nervous system (CNS).

Taopatch wearable patches (about the size of a nickel) have been used for many years and can help CNS performance, especially around balance, agility, pain reduction, and overall physical performance. A small number of the frequencies used in the traditional START or PRO patches address mental performance, mood, and focus. The #1 request we've received from users is for more. Finally, after years of testing and development, we are releasing the first stand-alone Taopach specifically focused around mental health and performance.


16 Clinical Studies. Approved as EU Class 1 Medical Device. Endorsed by 1,800+ Physicians.


7+ Years Track Record.


No chemicals, toxic medications, or side effects.

Taopatch is non-transdermal.


Check out some of the real-life data from clinical trials. Meditation - while potentially powerful - can be hard to do consistently and properly for many people and can require weeks, months, or years of training to do it properly. It can also be extremely time-consuming. Taopatch can help your brain function even better than with meditation, using powerful beta and gamma brain wave patterns.

How to Use Taopatch EMOTION

It's easy! The patches are about the size of a nickel and come with adhesives. They also come with complete, easy, instructions for where to put them and how long to wear them at a time. (They are powerful enough that you don't want to start wearing them 24 hours until your body has had time to adjust). They are water-resistant so you don't need to worry about taking them off in the shower.

The recommended protocol is to use START (or PRO) for at least one month before starting EMOTION.

They are offered as a package with a discount on this page. If you are already using START or PRO, you can add EMOTION - it's safe to wear both at once.

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