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If we think in terms of evolution, our cellular structure has been exposed for thousands of years by only three magnetic fields: the earth, the sun, and the moon. Therefore our cells have been adapted to interact with these signals and integrate only biological frequencies. Proof of this profound interaction is that our Alpha brain waves (“centeredness waves”) have exactly the same frequency of the Schumann resonance, the frequency of Earth between 7.83 and 14 Hertz.

It's been only one hundred years since we started to be bombarded by different radio frequencies and electromagnetic pollution, causing our cells and our brain to show evident signals of disturbance and lack of ease (dis-ease).

Our brain is one of the most powerful transducers of information on the planet and   according to its efficiency and health it is able to give off different signals with different frequencies and regulate our hormonal activity. (EEC)

Delta waves (0-4Hz) - heavy sleep, few minutes per day
Theta waves (4-8Hz) - REM phase, deep sleep, reparation
Alpha waves (8-12 Hz) - Meditation, relaxation
Beta waves (12-38 Hz) - Cognitive functions, awoke and logic
Gamma waves (38-100 Hz) - problem solving, concentration, focus, clarity.

The more gamma waves we emit the more centered, focused and vital we are (problem solving). The more delta waves we produce the slower the brain is working, experiencing dis-ease.

Tao Patch Re-educates, Re-tunes, Re-programs our body and our signals from and to our brain. It produces a significant shift in the brain activity from delta to gamma waves. It reminds our central nervous system to produce those brain waves that naturally induce focus, clarity, efficiency and resilience in our body.

Here is one of THE MOST POWERFUL sets of points with TaoPatch which will help you enhancing your brain interconnectivity, strengthening your neurological pathways and boosting your concentration.

PYRAMID PROTOCOL - It requires 5 Taopatch devices

Imagine to draw an imaginary line that connects the very tips of your ears. The central point on your cranium is the Crown Chakra.
Apply one Tao Patch right there.
The other four Taopatch points will be shown in the description page that we will send after your purchase

You can attach the TaoPatch on a surgical mask and apply the mask on your cranium. You will obtain a tremendous support with your focus, concentration and level of clarity. The more you practice the more the effects will stabilize.

Important note

All the Taopatch devices have a ray of action of 1-4 cm. Therefore do not overly stress trying to wear them exactly on the indicated acupuncture point. As long as they are within 1 cm ray, they will act on 100% of their power on that acu-point.

The images are borrowed from the mobile app “A manual of Acupunture” which we highly recommend to anyone interested in exploring acupuncture further.


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