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Our lifestyle today is very different from what is naturally supposed to be. We sit on chairs for 8 hours a day indoors, we are bombarded with chemical and electromagnetic pollution. This causes our nervous system to get out of balance, which leads to chronic pain, bad posture, poor sleep, mental health issues etc.

Taopatch helps your body rebalance itself, which leads to a surprising number of benefits. Our various protocols can help with different symptoms from improving posture, balance and flexibility, to boosting athletic performance and focus, and reducing stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

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"I am 72, and I have had MS 40+ years just slowly getting worse. When my patches arrived, I took a video and took another after 15 mins. Wow, what a difference! My balance was much better and my walking stronger. It was very noticeable the difference. I also felt better in myself being able to do things and have the actual incentive to do them."

Sheila P.

"They have made a huge improvement in my mental health - I feel great every day. For me, that is priceless. I have MS and my affected foot is more grounded. In my opinion, you have nothing to lose (return policy) but may have great success."

Gretchen S.

"I can say unreservedly that the START patches have made living my life SO much better in SO many ways - please thank Fabio for me. I will always have MS, I know, but things are a lot more manageable for me now & that is completely because of Taopatch."

Samantha D

"WOW. Day one with two patches: immediate re-balancing. Fantastic first few days. It works, unlike the medications the GP has been pushing for so many years. I would tell everyone, try it. It just may give you your life back. And if not, money back. No brainer!"

Adrian B.

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