Italian bioengineer Fabio Fontana is the mastermind behind Taopatch. He spent ten years deeply exploring how electromagnetic pollution affects human health. Fabio's life took a sharp turn nine years ago after a serious accident left him with constant headaches, limited mobility, and relentless chronic pain. When traditional medical treatments fell short, Fabio embraced new approaches like biophysics and laser therapy. The results were remarkable: his mobility improved rapidly, and his chronic pain lessened significantly.

    This realization made Fabio see that frequencies, like the dual nature of a knife, can be harmful (as seen in electromagnetic pollution) or beneficial (like Taopatch, which uses the body's wisdom to restore balance). Our mission is to move beyond traditional medicines and bring in an era of healing through vibrations.

    Originally meant for muscle issues, Taopatch proved its potential when a curious and daring doctor used it on a multiple sclerosis patient struggling to walk. In just minutes, the patient felt newfound freedom. Fabio saw the endless possibilities of this technology.

    Over the past ten years, we combined acupuncture principles with low-level laser therapy, powered by nanotechnology. Many, from those with multiple sclerosis to athletes aiming for excellence, have felt the positive effects, relieving pain, emotional stress, and a range of symptoms.

    Jumping to today, our journey continues. Rigorous studies with respected universities back our innovation. We've distributed over 350,000 devices through 2,200 healthcare providers. This is just the beginning. The fusion of ancient acu-pressure wisdom with modern light therapy and nanotechnology opens the door to endless potential.