Taopatch for Multiple Sclerosis: The Drug-Free Way to Reclaim Your Mobility, Freedom, and Independence

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How Taopatch Helps Relieve Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Such As Fatigue, Spasticity, and Pain

Taopatch uses the latest advances in nanotechnology to convert your natural body heat into "microscopic beams of light" that heal your body. Using acupuncture and laser therapy techniques, this light stimulates your central nervous system and strengthens its connection with the rest of your body by improving the health of your body's neurons.​

While most treatments are focused on slowing down neurodegeneration, Taopatch focuses, instead, on rewiring your brain, enhancing the connection to your spine, and strengthening your neuromuscular system.

​As a result, Taopatch re-educates, re-tunes, and re-programs your body and the signals from and to your brain. It reminds your central nervous system of how it is meant to naturally communicate with the rest of your body.​
Taopatch is currently the only technology that has been shown to not only slow down neurodegeneration but also improve the condition of people with multiple sclerosis.​

Working with a network of over 1,800 doctors, tens of thousands of people have reclaimed their mobility, freedom, and independence.

Supported By Scientists & Physicians

“We studied 28 consecutive patients to whom we applied two Taopatch® devices. This study has shown that the use of a technology which improves movement, proprioception, and balance can be extremely useful for patients affected by multiple sclerosis.”

- Dr. Alberto Lomeo, Vascular Surgeon

“The results we obtained [from multiple sclerosis subjects] were very comforting; we’ve seen an improvement in all of the parameters considered.”

- Dr. Giuseppe Messina, Dentist

“Taopatch has a clinically evident result in no time, does not have side effects or unwanted effects, and has a remarkable postural value and is also instrumentally visible on the stabilometric platform."

- Dr. Pietro Bressan, General Surgeon

“The ultra-low-level electromagnetic field generated by the devices may provide an improvement to the input system or central modulation resulting in an improved muscle tone and, thus, an enhanced posture control.”

- Dr. Stefano Corna​, Physiatrist
(Specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

“Thanks to this wonderful technology as a professional, I can restore and develop more propriocity, to give to the body more and more efficient performance.”

- Dr. Francesco Lo Re, General Practitioner

Taopatch devices are FDA approved.

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Several double blind studies conducted at major universities.
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No chemicals, no medicine, no drugs. Taopatch is non-transdermal.

OVER 350,000

Over 350,000 devices sold in the past 7 years.

Backed By Our 100% Money-Back, No-Risk Guarantee

There’s a chance that any medical treatment - from aspirin to brain surgery - won’t improve a condition. Low-level laser light therapy with Taopatch is no exception, despite an overwhelming number of patients’ successes.

However, we can promise two things. First, since Taopatch is completely non-transdermal, there can be no unwanted or side effects. Second, if you don’t see any noticeable improvements within 90 days, you will get a full refund, completely hassle-free.

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White Taopatch box containing wellness patches

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How does Taopatch work?

The patches are to be attached on specific points on your body with regular medical tape or custom hypoallergenic adhesives we provide. The patch placements are available on our Directions page.

The heat from your body is converted into light of specific therapeutic frequencies, which are similar to the frequencies of photons your nervous system uses to communicate with the rest of your body.

Where are the patches placed?

The patches are applied on different acupuncture points simultaneously and secured by adhesive tapes.

How long can the patches be used?

The service life of the patches is 2.5 years.

Are there any medication I should stay away from while using the patch?

Taopatch works whether or not you are taking other medications. There are no contraindications since the patches do not emit any chemical substances into the body. They use a patented form of low-level laser light therapy instead.

Is Taopatch covered by insurance?

To the best of our knowledge, Taopatch is not yet covered by most insurance companies. Since it uses a new, patented technology, this process may take some time but we hope to have good news to report on this soon.