Is your Posture correct? How to assess posture.

If you want to assess and evaluate your posture, there are specific guidelines, endorsed by the Minister of Health. First, you need to see where your postural center lies, when you are in the standard, normal, anatomic position. This is as simple, as just standing up straight. Secondly, you need to start assessing and evaluating all the adaptations that your body has had since you were born, to allow your balance to adhere.

If you think about it, when you are born, you cannot even hold your head up. As you grow, you are able hold your head up, then you begin to crawl, and finally you are able to pull yourself up and walk on two legs. The direction in which you should always evaluate your adaptation process is in the direction of the cranium all the way down to the feet. You need to understand what your mechanism of adaption to keep your body straight and in good posture.

It is very important to always check your TMJ, our cranium, and your vestibular channel. It is also important to reset your ocular receptor, the shoulders, the spine, the hips, the knees, then finally the feet. This is the direction you use to assess if you have correct posture. Sometimes, we tend to really underestimate the important role our eyes and also teeth, jaw, (TMJ) plays in our posture. TMJ is one of the four main proprioceptors that exchange information on your posture directly with the CNS ,together with the feet, the eyes and the vestibular channel. These four main receptors are responsibly for 80 percent of our proprioception (capability of identifying your position even when your eyes are closed). Meaning, the exchange of information in our inner biological software that maintain our balance and our posture aligned. So, it is vital to keep care of our teeth, and TMJ as that can have numerous reprocutions on our posture, pain, muscles and neuromuscular system.

For the eyes, our visual range plays an enormous role in the posture. Think simply of if you look at the world from the top of a skyscraper, you peripheral vision starts to have to many variables, and your balance may become off. Also, the bioenergetic storage in our body is also quite important. So, after evaluating all your receptors, you need to assess your overall vitality, as that provides the energy to all our receptors, organs and meridians in our body.

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