Month 1: Rebalancing Meridians With Acupuncture & Nanotechnology

After conducting extensive research and seven years of practice and experimentation, we know the most active points in each meridian that are beneficial for different conditions. The following sets of points are based on the ancient knowledge of acupuncture, but using the most cutting-edge nanotechnology on our planet.

General Rebalancing Points

1) Conception Vessel Number 15 - CV15 is located about 2 centimeters above the tip of the sternum.

2) Governing Vessel 14 – VG14 is located on 7th vertebrae on the back (it's the one that sticks out the most when you bend your neck forward)

The Alternative to the 7th Vertebrae – you can test what point suits you best (through kinesiology or postural tools):
2b) the point of maximum lordosis of your spine
2c) the beginning of the sacrum

General Rebalancing needs to be applied for one month. First week you wear it for 4 hours/day. Second week for 8 hours/day. Third week for 16 hours/day (basically while you're awake, taking it off at night). After 3rd week you can wear them 24/7.

After one month, you can choose different points targeting different receptors.

Important note
All Taopatch devices have a ray of action of 1-4 cm. Therefore do not overly stress trying to wear them exactly on the indicated acupunture point. As long as they are within 1 cm, they will act on 100% of their power on that acu-point.

The images are borrowed from the mobile app “A Manual of Acupunture” which we highly recommend to anyone interested in exploring acupuncture further.



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