Month 2: Raising Your Cellular Energy

One of the main benefits of Taopatch is increased cellular energy, your inner voltage.

How do you raise your inner voltage? 

After the first month of general rebalancing, you may want to focus on the physiological districts that generate energy. During the last seven years helping thousands of patients, we have found that best way to gain energy is through two sets of acupuncture points. The first one is the Detox of the Liver. The second one is the Tonification of the Kidneys. Why? By detoxing the liver, we save an enormous amount of energy that otherwise would have been invested in the overworking the liver. And the kidney is our “inner batteries”, which according to Chinese medicine provide the qi, the energy we need. Also, we cannot stress enough on the importance of drinking around one glass of water per hour, as water is a super conductor of energy and information. Hydration is vital in the process to allow the information to continue circulating in our body.Here are the two sets of points for boosting your overall energy. If you have 6 TaoPatches, you can apply them at the same time. If you have 3, you can focus on the Detox of the Liver for one month and the Tonification of the Kidney for the following month. If you have 2, you should buy another set ;)Detox of the Liver1) Liver 3 - LV3 on the right foot
2) Gall Bladder - GB42 on the left foot
3) Conception Vessel 17 - CV17
Invigoration of the Kidney1) Kidney 5 - KI5 Bilateral (wear 1 patch on each leg)
2) Conception Vessel 3 - CV3

Important note

All the Taopatch devices have a ray of action of 1-4 cm. Therefore do not overly stress trying to wear them exactly on the indicated acupuncture point. As long as they are within 1 cm ray, they will act on 100% of their power on that acu-point.

The images are borrowed from the mobile app “A Manual of Acupunture” which we highly recommend to anyone interested in exploring acupuncture further.

Which Taopatch is right for you?