Proprioception and Taopatch

Taopatch is a wellness device that improves your posture and movement by acting directly on your proprioceptive system. You might ask, what is your proprioceptive system?

It is your inner biological software that allows your central nervous system to continue exchanging information with all the receptors of your body and your movement. The proprioceptive system allows you to be aware of the position of your body within the 3D space, even without closing your eyes.

Let’s imagine an animal with four legs. How long does that animal take to learn how to walk? Usually, only a few hours. But, how about us? Usually around two years. Why? Because we need the development of that biological software, so that we can continually find our center with only two legs.

Now, let’s think of a chair with four legs. If we tilt the chair and position, as so it only has two legs on the floor, of course the chair will need continuous micro adjustments to keep it standing in balance on two legs. Without continually checking on the chair, at some point, it will fall off balance. Thus, there would be a need for “software” that continually checks the movement of the chair and the balance of the two legs on the floor. As the chair moves, the software would track and create and trigger different adjustments to keep the chair in balance.

Again, we need that “software” that continual checks on our balance, posture and movement so we can find our center, balance and alignment in every single moment, with our two legs. The way Taopatch works is by emitting specific photons in our body that enhance, strengthen our proprioceptive system. These photons are the ones of the same wavelengths of those used in very expensive ultralow level laser therapy, which can only be applied in clinical settings. Also, wavelengths, the same as biophotons are emitted, enabling our cells to communicate with each other.

Which Taopatch is right for you?