Daniela's Taopatch Journey: Scoliosis Pain & Mobility Relief

When we say Taopatch is for everyone, it really is not just for those with neurological conditions. Amongst the many customers, we have helped is Daniela. She has been diagnosed with Scoliosis for 30 years now which left her in constant pain and has affected her posture and movements. She started using Taopatch in December and has been amazed at the results she has been receiving since then.

Her scoliosis has progressed since she was diagnosed and she has managed to live with the pain that came with it and just got used to it. However, together with yoga and other healthy and natural means of helping her situation, she decided to give the patches a chance. Immediately she felt the tension from the lower part of her spine release.

Every day she started to see her body rebalance and her posture improve which made many of the small impossible and painful movements now possible and more fluid. Now, on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the most painful, she has now reached 4 whilst before she would take painkillers to help cope. She has also experienced an increase in energy and has now gone back to doing the things she used to love like walking long distances.

Apart from physical improvements, Taopatch was also able to help Daniela mentally and emotionally manage her stress and anxiety levels. She now feels like she has a good grasp of her emotions and feels like she is under control.

Watch the full interview here as we check back on how she has been doing since starting her journey with Taopatch.



Questions #1: What Brought You To Taopatch?

I was actually diagnosed more than 30 years ago with scoliosis and since then I've been in pain all the time.

Some days were better, some days variable course, of course. But mainly like if I will say levels from 0 to 10, I was always around for always around 4.

Questions #1.1: When Did You Start Using Taopatch?

It was around the beginning of December last year.

Questions #2: What Benefits Did You Notice?

I actually noticed that the tension of all over my body, because, of course, mine is very important for our movements, so I actually was all the time in a horrible tension and I didn't know.

But I realized that it's gone. So I was able to move more, more free, more, more normal, you know, and it was absolutely new for me, because, of course, I forgot after 30 years how it is and, for me, it was the most biggest gift, which I can get because, you know, just to be able to move again.

So it's really, really nice. It's awesome and I don't think that anything else, like surgery, because I know people who got surgery for scoliosis. They are still in pain, they can't really move, they can stay, you know, long just on our feet, you know, because always it's getting worse for back and I don't have these problems anymore.

And it’s so lovely. Now, this is the first thing I noticed. The tension gone.

And also, I can say mentally, mentally it has been a lot, because I was going through some stressful situations like life, sometimes is, you know, but I can get over quickly, I can handle it better. Mainly, I am positive person all the time, but now it's much easier for me, you know.

It helps me to cheer up myself better if I feel like not well, you know, mentally. I'm talking now mentally so if I feel like depressed or something, um, it doesn't stay that long, and I can see it, I can recognize it and I can work with that.

Some things can wake up my anxiety, you know, because I didn't even really knew that I have this problem as well, but, as I was going through some trauma situations, so of course, it did have an impact on me. But now it's everything more under my control, but still like manageable.

It got me a bit in. How to say deeper connection with my own body.

And now I am able, because this part is affected. It's on upper body and on a bottom body, so of course, all of it is affected, but it's just everyday surprising how better it is. How better the movement, you know, the stretching everything for me, is really awesome.

Because it's something like you can have, for example, if you can use your hand for many years, and suddenly you can again move it.

That's absolutely awesome, so this is happening, and it is still happening with my back and it's still getting better, it still works and even parts which I didn't even know that they need to,you know, get the help as well, I told her they are fine, but they are not, and now they are just get better and better.

So that I feel definitely more like with more energy. I'm not feeling tired. I'm not feeling like before, you know, heavy emotions.

So its impact on everything. So complex, so huge.

Well, you know and as always, my sleeping pattern because I did have a little problem with sleeping and now I'm sleeping and I don't want to say baby, because they are awake, awake nearly every two hours.

But iI'm sleeping so well you know all night. I'm not getting up, I'm not awake so it just improved.

Questions #3: How Was Taopatch Able To Help You In Managing Pain?

When it started it was always constant pain and of course, painkillers was the first solution, because I was just saying, “Okay, it's just pain. It's gone.” I didn't know that it's something really serious was happening with my back.

And when I knew, of course, they didn't really recommended me and exercises at the time, so it was coming later with my research, because I just said, well, the surgery is not really what I want to do. I'm sure that it must be possible to do something else with that.

It’s so nice that now I don't have a pain. And you know I can move, and I can stretch my body, my back, my legs, my hands. When I was walking long distances, of course, my spine and back was in horrible pain, but I love to walk so everything was like limited, but now it's not an even it's much better, because I can enjoy the freedom of movement.

Questions #4: Would You Recommend Taopatch?

I just saying to them just try. You have 90 days, and if you are not happy, you will not see the results. That's it, you will get money back, but i'm pretty sure that you will see results after three weeks, huge changes.