Judith's Taopatch Journey: Transforming Life For Her Autistic Child

Some of our customers are family members who purchased Taopatch for their loved ones. This is a story of one of them, Judith, who is a mom to a high-functioning autistic child.

The main symptoms of her daughter were fatigue, joint pains, and more recently, depression. Judith did not want to give her daughter antidepressants so she decided to try alternative options that do not involve introducing chemical substances into her daughter’s body. She decided to give Taopatch a try.

Judith noticed significant changes in her daughter when she started wearing the patches. Apart from relief from the physical pain that she was experiencing with her knees, her daughter showed improvements in her mood. She started smiling more and getting back to things she hasn’t done in over a year like reading a book or feeding the dogs.

Her daughter is only at the beginning of her Taopatch journey and yet she has already shown big improvements. Watch the full interview here.



Questions #1: What Caught Your Attention To Use Taopatch?

Well she's what you call a high functioning autistic child. And her main symptoms are fatigue. She gets very, very tired, even the thought of doing something is completely exhausting for her and she's not able to go to mainstream school, because she can't face going and dealing with everything that you have to deal with. So she's just transitioning from mainstream school to, hopefully, an autism specialist school.

And, but the reason that I bought the Taopatch was because she's depressed, and she's been asking for antidepressants since she was 11, she's now 13.

And, and, she gets quite cross at me because I can't sort it out for her. But there's a very big reticence for good reason to giving antidepressant tablets to a 13 year old child. But nonetheless, she displays all of the classical symptoms of long term depression.

And she is very frequently feeling suicidal. She doesn't want to be here anymore, life's too hard to live.

So that was the reason that I took the plunge and said, “Well, you know I can't go and get you antidepressants but let's try something else.”

So and, and, because she already drinks quite a lot of water, normally. I thought okay, these have got a fair chance of working. And, and they did. So yeah.

Questions #2: What Were The Changes She Felt After Using Taopatch?

The very first thing I noticed was a smile. She came to the dinner table and she's very jovial. She's got a great sense of humor, she's hilarious.

And she was obviously doing her usual banter and job telling and then this just beautiful smile appeared on my face, and I was just like, “Oh, my God. We've not seen that for such a long time.” and it was just, it was magical, so yeah. Just that's the very first thing, we just like [gasp]. That smile. You know, it's brilliant so that was lovely.

And then the next big thing that we noticed was she picked a book up, and she's really into sharks at the moment. And so this is her big subject, sharks and shark conservation.

And now, normally, she would want to get interested but get frustrated because she just didn't like the wherewithal to do whatever she wanted to do. And don't get me wrong, she's still on that journey. She's still, you know, not sort of university level study, but she picked a book up and she read it, which she hadn't read a book in about over a year, at least.

So yeah amazing that she's just picked the book up and she's gone with it and she's still reading now she's brilliant yeah.

Well, she, the other thing that she noticed was she, she complains a lot with pain, she has a lot of body functioning issues like she could be really hot in one part of the body and really cold and another part at the same time. And she's, you know, conflicted with that and she feels a lot of pain. And, and it sort of moves and it's, it's joints and then it's this or the other. And she said that the first day, she said she could move her knees and ankles more.

And, and I asked her why she thought the patches were working and she said, and I quote, “I feel like I can be bothered.”

And, and obviously before she didn't feel like she could be for whatever that means to her. But she started doing things as well. So then the morning after she put it on, she fed the dogs. Now, that's not a major issue but she's never been able to do it, because she's just, she wants to do it, but she hasn't got the energy. And she got up, she fed the dogs and yeah so, she just feels like she can be bothered

And now, she does have to make sure she drank. She notices when she hasn't been drinking enough. And, and you know she'll say, “Oh, my patches aren't working.” and, and then she'll say, “I know.”

You know, antidepressants take three months to work, and I think it's going to be a long haul until the underlying depression left, but I am hopeful because even though, you know, when you take your patches off, they stop working or you know, whatever.

But the things that she's accomplished in the time that she's had the patches on, nothing and nobody can take that away from her. You know, she, she has read the books on sharks. She has been able to focus. She does know a lot more. She can share that with people.

You've got to start somewhere. And you know, we're on the very beginning, what I consider to be the beginning of her journey because we've put the patches on and we've seen a big result. And we know that if she drinks, you know, amazing things happen.

So I still feel like there's probably a lot more I can do to help her, to support her, to really get things moving because, clearly, her body's receptive to it. And it would be great to just ride on the rest of that wave.

Questions #3: How Would You Describe Taopatch?

I think a lot of hope goes with a lot of energy.

And, and then it's spiraling downwards, and I think what Taopatch seems to be able to do is to provide the energy that gives you the boost to see the possibilities. And, and then there are physical changes that manifest, but I think internally, that seems to be what happens. So yeah, very excited.