Taopatch Emotion: The correlation between the meridians and emotional states of being.

Our current day to day living has changed significantly to how it used to be, this has lead to unavoidable changes to our health and mental state. Taopatch helps in rewiring our brain and its interconnectivity, helping to shift it from its state of Delta waves which is associated with a high level of stress and being in constant reparation mode. Delta waves emission from the brain means the body is not at ease, Taopatch helps in shifting this overly stressed brain to emit Alpha and Gamma waves. These waves represent a state of centeredness, clarity, lucidity, and efficiency.

This is how the brain looks like on 3 separate occasions: when under a lot of stress, when meditating, and when it is in a state of balance allowing it to perform well. Notice how the Delta waves have gone down and the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma waves have increased tremendously.

Our brain is the main regulator of our hormones which plays an important part in our emotional state. Our hormonal state of balance or imbalance has a direct impact on our emotions. For example, our pituitary system can only release 2 kinds of hormones: Oxytocin and Vasopressin.

The first one, Oxytocin, which is also called the love hormone, can affect the production of other hormones such as Serotonin and Dopamine. All of these hormones are experienced as a sense of fulfillment, joy, happiness, and serenity. The other hormone, Vasopressin, on the other hand, is associated with a state of fear, anxiety, and negative emotional weight.

With Taopatch working on emotional stress and rewiring the brain, it allows for the Proprioceptive system and Central Nervous System to rebalance. This is where the Taopatch EMOTION can come in and help aid our body to achieve a state of emotional wellness.

While Taopatch START and PRO emit wavelengths that specifically work on our proprioceptive systems allowing improved communication between the Central Nervous System, the Taopatch EMOTION gives off frequencies that help us release the emotional load from our cells and cellular memory.

Taopatch EMOTION emits a completely unique frequency of wavelengths of light especially in the spectrum of green and other wavelengths in the invisible spectrum which has been scientifically proven in helping rebalance our hormonal and emotional state. Combined with the ancient knowledge of Acupuncture, it has been found that there is a specific correlation between our 12 main meridians and our 12 main emotional states of being.


  • Spleen


This is the most active point with Taopatch that allows the meridian of Spleen to open and allow energy to flow with ease and harmony. Otherwise, this meridian is responsible for stress and set up a feeling of distrust with the future. Clearing this meridian will allow for positivity and a sense of clarity, faith, and trust in the future. This is the first step to achieving emotional balance.


  • Heart


This point is connected to neuroplasticity. Working on this will remove the negative flow of the heart meridian which is related to emotions of frustration, anger, and anxiety. By easing and balancing this meridian, it allows for feelings of joy and forgiveness.


  • Pericardium


This meridian starts from the hand and coils itself to the heart. When out of balance, it leads to a sense of feeling lonely with the heart feeling claustrophobic. By rebalancing this meridian, it allows for emotions of lightness and hope.


  • Kidney


This meridian is responsible for feelings of fear and insecurity. Rebalancing this will also restore the feeling of safety. This also has an important role in sexual life and libido.


  • Liver


Lack of balance in this meridian leads to feeling anger and regret. However, once the balance is restored, the emotions that can be associated with it are happiness and a sense of inhibition.


  • Lungs


This meridian can leave you feeling out of breath, intolerant, and sad for yourself if left unbalanced. When the balance is restored it can lead to feeling more tolerant, humble, and willing to socialize with others.


  • Stomach


This meridian has a vital role in our mental state and its imbalance can cause anxiety, confusion, hyperactivity, depression, instability, doubt, and suspicions. When balances, it is associated with the ability to assimilate new ideas, absorb information, as well as honoring and nurturing the self.


  • Triple Burner


An Imbalanced Triple burner can leave one feeling jealous as oppose to feeling generous and relaxed when there is balance.


  • Large intestine


The lack of balance in this meridian is associated with emotions of guilt and feeling of being not clean but it can make one feel clean and worthy of being loved when balanced.


  • Small intestine


An imbalance small intestine meridian can make one feel a sense of deep sadness and pickiness. However, it can make one feel a sense of light and joy once rebalanced


  • Bladder


Impatience and unsettledness are the emotions that one can feel if there is an unbalanced bladder. When rebalanced, one can feel a sense of ease, stability, and being at peace with one’s self.


  • Gallbladder


A balanced bladder with liver leads to feelings of patience and relaxation which is the opposite of anger and frustration when there is an imbalance.

We have created, through the 7 years of study and practice, the most effective protocols to rebalance each and every meridian and its emotional connection. Let Taopatch EMOTION help you reach emotional balance and safeguard your state of mind which has been under a lot of stress this year with the recent events.

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