The Technology inside Taopatch

Taopatch is a device, patented by Fabio Fontana, which combines light therapy and most cutting-edge Nanotechnology currently available globally. Impossible to be replicated, it is waterproof, indestructible and has a shelf life of two and a half years once applied.

Taopatch contains ultra-thin layers of nanocrystals called Quantum Dots, 10.000 times smaller than a human hair, with a similar width of our own Human DNA.
These Quantum Dots are photosensitive and are activated only by the infrared we naturally emit from our cells, which we perceive as body heat. Taopatch captures these infrared wavelengths and converts it into therapeutic frequencies - also used in ultra-low-level-laser-therpies - that allows our central nervous system to communicate in a way faster and more efficient way with the rest of our body.

The spectrum in each Taopatch ranges from 190 to 650 signals and frequencies. These frequencies have been scientifically proven , giving benefits to our health, wellbeing and over all balance. It also integrates and provides photons of light, which are very similar to the biophotons that our cells use to communicate with each other. Dr. Frizt Albert Paul has proven our cells communicate not only through biochemical processes, but also and especially through biphotonic light. Thus, the Quantum Dots allow our cells to accelerate communication, directing metabolic energy towards important pathways.

There is never a waste in energy, as they work as a prism, converting the heat of our own body into recyclable energy. Depending on their size, Quantum Dots will project photons on different wavelengths. And these are the exact wavelengths used in very expensive healthcare and laser treatments. In addition, they also are able to store sunlight during the day, so during the night they glow and continue to excel.

Which Taopatch is right for you?