Diving into Taopatch World - Part 1

Taopatch is a patented nanotechology device that acts on our proprioceptive system, our inner innate biologic software, which allows a continual exchange of information between our central nervous system and receptors of our body.



Taopatch treats our body by emitting photons and pulses of wavelengths which are already being used into ultra-low-level laser therapies, plus, those photons on the same wavelengths, that our nerve cells use to communicate with each other.

In the 1970’s Dr. Fritz Albert Pop, proved that our cells communicate amongst each other first through light, then through biochemical processes, quite a revolutionary find. Present day, we know, that cells use impulses of light to communicate with each other. Currently, Thermocameras enable us to prove this. They do this by detecting the emission of our infrared rays, the natural photons that we emit from our bodies.

On Pubmed, the Worldwide Medical Databank, thousands of medical and scientific papers are written and published explaining the benefits of Photo-stimulation and Laser Therapy. Thus, numerous findings show that our entire body and metabolism is regulated by light. Our Circadian rhythms, for example, completely controls our sleep and awake cycles. These Circadian rhythms are regulated by the light that is received by our body.

Think for example, about the Vitamin D which is produced by our bodies. It is received by us being exposed the Sun’s light. The wavelengths of photons activate the production of Vitamin D, a fundamental source for our immune systems. Do you know that every molecule that is related to our immune systems have a receptor for Vitamin D? And of course, we know, Vitamin D is a very powerful antioxidant, promoting the circulation of our blood. Also, serotonin in our body cannot be converted into melatonin without the absorption of light. Thus the production of serotonin and melatonin are therefore, dependent on light.

There are specific wavelengths of light that are therapeutic in nature, so the idea of creating Taopatch was the combined desire to provide an affordable and wearable device, 24 hours, 7 days a week with the scientifically validated benefit of light therapy and acupuncture. Yes, because our taoptaches are places in specific acu-points of our body (they are shown in a simple directions page which you have access only after your purchase).

Which Taopatch is right for you?