Essence of Light in this pandemic

Current events occurring across the globe are now affecting more and more people in many and different ways. The uncertainty we face today with our future and health has increased our overall level of stress and anxiety. Depending on where you are in the world, strict rules and regulations might have been forcing people to be in complete lockdown and to be stuck indoors. This leads to a deficiency in a number of nutrients only available through exposure to natural sunlight. Numerous studies available in Pubmed have shown how essential exposure to natural sunlight is. Depending on the time in the day, the sun is able to emit different light waves capable of penetrating our skin and delivering therapeutic benefits such as increasing our cellular energy and improving our immune system. Taopatch has shown to provide these powerful wavelengths as it can help supply the body with light waves it desperately requires.
Taopatch, with the use of nano-crystals, is able to emit a wide spectrum of Red and Near-Infrared (NIR) light, capable of penetrating deeper under the skin reaching the cells. The use of these types of nourishing light has important antistress functions. Red and NIR light therapy is able to reach cells and encourage them to generate more energy through improved production of ATP (energy-generating compound) in the mitochondria. With this increased energy the body is able to upgrade various cellular functions and one of these is its ability to detoxify. Flushing the system off of toxinspromotes better communication between the brain and the organs, enhancing our body’s ability to release hormones that counterbalance our stress. With the boost of energy and the release of helpful hormones, our body becomes extremely resilient and well equipped in handling stress, avoiding the possibilities of experiencing anxiety and depression which have been spiked during this pandemic. Let’s not forget that light takes an essential role not only in producing unique and specific photoactive functions but also in re-establishing the general sense of balance we all need during times like this. This is why we believe that Taopatch plays a key role in providing essential light waves during this unique time.

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