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The world we live in today is very different from the world of our ancestors. This rapid change has increased how long we live, but seemingly at the expense of how we live. Taopatch is our solution to this problem, mixing old techniques like acupuncture with the latest in nanotechnology.Together, Taopatch provides powerful electrochemical stimulation via light therapy (aka low-level laser therapy) at targeted points to reset the body and restore our body’s natural state with immediate health benefits.What is Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?Low-level laser therapy might sound intimidating, but it's actually very simple and effective. The human body uses neurons to communicate and sense/interact with the world around us.Yet, harmful aspects of the world, like the ever-increasing electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation that we are bathed with, can interfere with our neurons. This can lead toimproper firing of nerves, causing issues with balance, pain, clarity, and brain health.

Low-level laser therapy for multiple sclerosis

Low-level laser therapy uses specific frequencies of light to reset neurons back to their natural state. This is not a fancy heat pack though, but rather this reset is the result of biochemical changes caused by light exposure. This might sound almost sci-fi, but it is the opposite.Another example of how light can cause “biochemical changes” is photosynthesis, an essential reaction for life on earth as we know it.LLLT has been shown in scientific studies toprevent pain. It does this through resetting pain receptors that are stuck in the “on position”. LLLT has also helped people regain better control of their body, helped undo some of the degenerative effects of aging on the brain, and has been shown topromote musculoskeletal healing.

Taopatch for mobility and pain relief

LLLT has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as a powerful therapy in preventing and treating disease. Hospitals around the nation have installed facilities to perform the procedure. Clinics have also popped up to provide ease of access to the therapy.Unfortunately, even with this, LLLT is still a therapy that can be costly and inconvenient to schedule.This is where the model of Taopatch comes into the picture as a bridge, providing LLLT at your fingertips -- effortlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.How Does Taopatch Work?Taopatch acts like a portable low-level laser emitter due to a nanomaterial called quantum dots that emit specific wavelengths of light. Quantum dots are known in physics asartificial atoms because, based on their size, they can be tuned to emit a very specific laser-like frequency with near surgical precision. Better yet, the quantum dot infused Taopatch is powered through the infrared heat released naturally by the body. This allows the patch to be worn 24/7 and provides consistent light when worn, combining the benefits of light therapy with utmost convenience.

Taopatch for energy, focus, and immunity

Scientific studies have shownthe power of Taopatch in helping people with neuromuscular diseases like multiple sclerosis. Taopatch can also be worn on acupuncture sites to help promote anti-inflammatory effects that can adjust the immune system to boost immune health.Furthermore, the reset of neurons by Taopatch helps to alleviate the damage done by modern-day life in developed nations and widespread EMF radiation by allowing the body’s cells to communicate clearly like they were intended.We like to say that Taopatch brings ancient techniques like acupuncture and combines them with the latest in nanotechnology. By miniaturizing light therapy technology, it is now possible to apply Taopatch to provide electrochemical stimulation with high precision.In fact, some acupuncturists in Japan have even begun to use Taopatch instead of traditional needles, embracing the potential of new technology in ancient practices and bringing acupuncture into the 21st century.

Taopatch and acupuncture

ConclusionLow-level laser light therapy has shown great potential in preventing many of the degenerative effects of modern-day life. Through resetting the body, LLLT helps to maintain a pristine and balanced state in neurons, undoing the damage of 24/7 EMF radiation exposure among other sources of damage.The portability of Taopatch, along with it being powered by body heat, allows it to be used anywhere to provide instant improvement.Through providing a convenient alternative to traditional LLLT, Taopatch can also help to block pain, promote healing, improve coordination between neurons aiding in gait and posture regulation, and help return the body to an optimal natural state.

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