Regaining control of your health made simple with Taopatch

Advancements in technology have led to an increase in efficiency in many areas of our life but also in the level of electromagnetic pollution to which our bodies have become subjected to and affected by. This, together with other pollutants, interferes with our health, in particular, our proprioceptive system which represents the main director of our balance and movement as previously discussed in our blog (Proprioception and Taopatch). Once this complex system becomes constantly disturbed, the body becomes unbalanced which brings about all sorts of difficulties in our movement and other areas.
Taopatch delivers continuous therapeutic light in a low dosage to improve the communication between our Central Nervous System (CNS) and our Proprioceptive System. As discussed in our blog entitled The Technology inside Taopatch, Taopatch is powered by body heat which is converted into different wavelengths of therapeutic light by the nano-crystals in the patch called Quantum Dots. The photons emitted are very similar to what the cells in the body already use to communicate. With this improvement, the body is able to restore symmetries and vital functions.
Taopatch emits specific types of therapeutic light aimed to improve and restore cellular functions and one of the most important ones is its ability to detoxify. The body’s capability to get rid of toxins in the system is improved and flushed out with water. With fewer toxins clogging the pathways, blood circulation is improved allowing for better communication to take place and faster.