Why do we need Taopatch?

Our world has dramatically changed in the last 100 years. We are destroying our Earth and we are building entire cities and countries without considering the land that is hosting us and its natural equilibrium. The latest discoveries on epigenetics tell us that our body (phenotype) is influenced 50% by our genetic material and 50% by our environment, the air that we breathe the food that we eat ,the relationship we build and the electromagnetic pollution that we are constantly exposed to. 
It is essential for us to restore our natural state of balance, allowing our body to remember its own innate intelligence, its own exquisite resilience. Our posture is a very tangible and clear reflection of our overall balance and electromagnetic equilibrium within our body and with the outside world. Science now is able to measure the disruptive effect on pollution and other electromagnetic disturbances on our posture, movements and overall balance: in two words our proprioceptive system.Every single movement of our body is coordinated and managed by the proprioceptive system. This inner biological software exchanges information between the central nervous system, the  4 main receptors of our balance (eyes, feet, vestibular channel, TMJ) and the nerve endings of our body in a continual flow of information. This should make us realize that before being a chemical system we are an electric and informational system that provides continual bio-cybernetic feedbacks on our balance posture and  movement.Taopatch heightens the communication between the central nervous system and the proprioceptive system of our body.  It promotes an upgrade of our inner biological software and restores the equilibrium between the four main receptors responsible for our physical balance.

Which Taopatch is right for you?