Pain Management

Use until pain is relieved


Acupuncture Points

Place the patches on any of these suggested acupuncture points to help relieve pain.

Gall Bladder 19

On the region of the head, on the lateral side of the superior border of the external occipital protuberance, 2 and a half fingers lateral to the midline of the head.

Gall Bladder 20

On the back of your neck. Feel the side of your head to find the ear bone, called the mastoid. Follow it to where your neck meets your skull.

Lung 7

It is located above the wrist on the inside of the arm. To find this point, interlock your thumb and index finger of one hand with those of the other. The point lies on the edge of the index finger, in a depression between the sinew and the bone.

Lung 9

At the wrist crease on the radial side of the radial artery.

Large Intestine 4

The fleshy depression just beyond the meeting point where our thumb and first finger bones meet, in a “V” shape.

Stomach 41

On the midpoint of the transverse crease of the ankle, approximately level with the tip of the external malleolus, in a depression between the tendons of extensor digitorum longus and hallucis longus.