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How Taopatch Combines Light Therapy and Acupuncture to Relieve Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Such As Fatigue, Spasticity, and Pain

Taopatch uses the latest advances in nanotechnology to convert your natural body heat into "microscopic beams of light" that heal your body. Using acupuncture and laser therapy techniques, this light stimulates your central nervous system and strengthens its connection with the rest of your body by improving the health of your body's neurons.​

While most treatments are focused on slowing down neurodegeneration, Taopatch focuses, instead, on rewiring your brain, enhancing the connection to your spine and strengthening your neuromuscular system.

​As a result, Taopatch re-educates, re-tunes, re-programs your body and the signals from and to your brain. It reminds your central nervous system of how it is meant to naturally communicate with the rest of your body.​

Taopatch is currently the only technology that has been shown to not only slow down neurodegeneration but also improve the condition of people with multiple sclerosis.​

Working with a network of over 1,800 doctors, tens of thousands of people have reclaimed their mobility, freedom, and independence.


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With Scientific Studies Published In...


Several double blind studies conducted at major universities.

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No chemicals, no medicine, no drugs. Taopatch is non-transdermal.


Over 250,000 devices sold in the past 7 years, with a return rate of less than 0.1%.

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Because multiple sclerosis affects everyone differently, we can’t guarantee that you’re going to see results within 15 minutes (like some people do).

But, we can guarantee that if you don’t see any noticeable improvements within 90 days, you can simply contact our friendly customer service team for a full and prompt refund, 100% hassle-free.

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