Be Aware of your Progress!

Taopatch is a patented nanotechnology that has been proven by more than 10 scientific publications. And our thousands of happy customers vouch for its effectiveness. However, it's essential for you to constantly be aware of your progress in your posture, balance and overall wellbeing.

The changes are extremely evident for some people and more gradual but consistent for other people (depending on different factor such as level of hydration, how long has the problem occurred, etc.)

That why it’s extremely important for you to track your progress through our tracking spreadsheet and postural tests or HRV devices. Keep testing, tracking and measuring progress each week (or month). This allows you to have quantitative data that you can compare, realizing its incredible power.

It takes approximately one month for your cells to reprogram themselves into a new neuromuscular pattern. So, the maximum benefits are experienced when you change the protocol once a month, for the first six month, enabling you to focus on different aspects of your biological inner software.

Which Taopatch is right for you?