Taopatch Nanotechnologies & Acupuncture - Is It Right For You?

Our body needs effective communication between the brain and its receptors to function. Sometimes, this communication gets interrupted by diseases and injuries. Other times, our central nervous system's feedback is inaccurate or incomplete due to poor posture. When the conversation is not optimal level, issues such as fatigue, pain, balance issues, and many more begin to arise.

Light therapy uses different kinds of light to re-establish the connection between the receptors of the body and the brain. Improving this connection can reduce the issues or remove them completely.

Acupuncture helps determine the correct points that stimulate the central nervous system. These points create an energy flow that leads to overall health. When this flow is interrupted by diseases or injury, acupuncture helps restore it to normal.

Taopatch combines light therapy and acupuncture to maximize the communication between the brain and the rest of the body to help over 250,000 people manage their pain and improve their energy, mobility, and balance.

But the question is, can the Taopatch acupuncture pain patch help YOU and your specific issue? Let’s find out.

Taopatch for neurological disorders

The Central Nervous System comprises the brain, spinal cord, and nerves that relay information back and forth for the body to function correctly. The communication is damaged by neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson's. This leads to foot drop, poor balance, spasticity, brain fog, pain, and impaired mobility.

Taopatch helps cells create more energy to perform their tasks more efficiently. With this increase in energy, the body functions better and has better control. This means that customers have seen a dramatic improvement in their foot drop, balance, spasticity, and pain levels are able to get back to doing the things they used to enjoy.

Here are some of our customers with MS sharing their experiences with Taopatch:

I am now able to do again some of the things that I used to enjoy doing, which is huge. It's getting my life back like I used to be.” - Barbara.

Here is a link to watch her full interview.

My walking is confident and agile. I wear the patches and now have little sign of foot drop on my left-hand side and left-hand foot.” - Adrian.

Click here to watch Adrian's full interview.

Taopatch for emotional wellbeing

We face stressful situations daily. This stress sometimes results in disrupted sleep, poor physical health, and bad eating habits.

The therapeutic light emitted by Taopatch helps manage stress by shifting your mind into a state of centeredness, clarity, lucidity, and efficiency. This increases the brain's blood flow and energy output from the cells, improving how the brain processes signal it receives from the body. When this feedback works better, emotional challenges like stress, anxiety, and depression are handled more effectively by allowing the brain to be more relaxed and focused.

Many of our customers have noticed that they can better manage their stress and anxiety within hours of using Taopatch. Take Paula’s father, for example –

“We have been using them for four weeks, and the improvement in his well-being (depression and anxiety) is amazing, his balance is much improved (he doesn’t drag his feet anymore), his tremors have lessened, and he states that this patch has made a difference to him in all aspects of his life.” - Paula.

Taopatch for athletes

Obviously, athletes encounter a bunch of issues throughout their careers that lead to ongoing physical pain. But what people don’t know is that most athletes' pain is caused by poor posture or injury.

Taopatch has been shown to boost balance and improve posture to enable athletes to distribute their weight more evenly and remove a concentrated load off joints to avoid injury. Better balance and posture improve the range of motion of the major joints, thus improving running, throwing, and kicking performance. Pain is minimized and athletic performance improved, allowing athletes to be in their best physical condition to compete.

Take Aaron, for example – a Guinness world record holder for the running fastest mile… backward!

“​​I'm in pain all the time just because I trained hard. I'm having 9 to 10 practices, just constant achy. When I tried Taopatch, the knee I had surgery on, I could stretch out, and I'm getting these ranges of motion that I haven't had for years.

Watch his full interview here.

Whether you’re suffering from a neurological disease, are overworked, or are an elite athlete, we’re confident that Taopatch can help you.

But if you’re still skeptical about whether Taopatch is for you, try it for 90 days, and if you still don’t see any improvements, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

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